How to Eat the ‘Pain’ Away

Keighley Brown May 24, 2023

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably relied on painkillers all this time to sooth those painful muscles and joints, stomach cramps, and other body pains. But did you know you can also ‘eat’ the pain away? There are plenty of foods that, surprisingly, have pain-reducing abilities. Incorporating them in your diet can greatly help

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5 Self-Sabotaging Thoughts that Keep You Stuck & Unhappy

Shane Bell May 11, 2023

There’s a saying that goes this way: Nothing can pull you down but yourself. We may deny it, but most of the time, we are our own worst enemies. It is ‘us’ who often mock and degrade ourselves, and block our own happiness. It’s funny how we get angry when someone tries to belittle or hurt us when a lot of times, we are doing

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How to Get Away with Toxic People

Keighley Brown April 19, 2023

We all know someone who seems to be kind and easy towards others but is very unkind to us. They are those who mistreat us, undermine our abilities, and make us feel the way we are not. Toxic people are everywhere. They could be in your workplace or school, in your social circle, or even at home. It may be hard to spot toxic people right away because they of

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Surprising Anxiety Busters that are Really Effective

Shane Bell March 30, 2023

We all get anxious from time to time. Whether it’s the first job interview, the first presentation before the managers, or the first day in the University - some things can really bring butterflies in our stomach. Anxiety is a normal feeling. But it shouldn’t be something that takes control of our life. No matter how tough the situation is, we sh

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12 Things Women Want in Men

Keighley Brown March 24, 2023

What do women want in men? Seems like an easy question, but the answer isn’t so straightforward.  Whilst women may have varying preferences in a partner, studies have shown that generally, there are some qualities (physical and emotional) that women look for in a man. So for guys out there who want to improve the quality of their romantic relation

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We are Kinder by Nature, Study Suggests

Shane Bell March 16, 2023

Are humans born selfish brutes? Or are we by nature kind and compassionate? In the latest research, scientists examined the empathetic impulses in the brain while temporarily disabling other regions and found that altruism in humans may be more hard-wired than previously thought.  ‘Potentially ground-breaking’  According to senior aut

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Overcoming the Health Risks of Prolonged Sitting: Ideas for Desk Workers

Keighley Brown March 02, 2023

 Does your job entail a lot of sitting? The health risks of prolonged sitting have created a big buzz recently. And we’ve all heard the reports saying we shouldn’t be sitting all day while at work, as it increases our risk of developing health problems, such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Worse, prolonged sitting has been associated

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Super Powers You Naturally Have (But You Often Forget)

Shane Bell February 24, 2023

 We all have the ability to overcome life’s challenges. Unfortunately, many people fail to get through theirs because of one reason: they have little faith in themselves. We often gain strength from other people, such as friends and family. And there’s nothing wrong with this. But sometimes, when we fail to get it from others, we feel frustr

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7 Brain Damaging Habits Most of Us are Guilty Of

Keighley Brown February 16, 2023

 There’s a reason why our brain is on the top most part of our body. Basically, it is one of the most important and it plays plenty of major roles. So, just as you take good care of your heart, nervous system, and all of your body parts, you also want to take good care of your brain. But how do you ensure that your brain is in its best state? Apa

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What Stress-Free People Do Differently

Keighley Brown February 02, 2023

 You can’t completely eliminate stress from your life. Stressors are everywhere. It could be your boss, the daily traffic jam, and those unending office works. Sometimes it is your partner, your parents, your pets, your kids, your best friend – and other people around you. But you might wonder – why is it that some people look and act

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