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As part of our mission to promote healthy therapy, provides consumers and therapist members with latest natural therapy events.Your published events are visible on your profile page. In the event page, we also link back to your profile, and this provides another way for new clients to find you.


Balancing the Quintessence within

9 Roseway Wellington Telford Shropshire TF1 1JA

In this full day workshop, you will learn to balance the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether within, for improved sense of inner harmony and well-being. Promoting a renewed sense of balance to the body, mind and spirit. You will be med...


Heal your Ego States (Rescue & heal yourself)

9 Roseway Wellington Telford Shropshire TF1 1JA

How wounded or free is your inner child? How nurturing or critical is your inner parent? How balanced is your inner adult? You will work in real time synergy with your inner ego states for insight, healing and resolution. Understand your inner parent...


Heal your Games Workshop

9 Roseway Wellington Telford Shropshire TF1 1JA

Tired of where you are and what plays out in your life, or simply want to transform? Gain highly personalised insight into your unique patterns for new self understanding and overcoming. To help you find your Dharma, your path; heal yourself, your li...


From the Blog

Is Gambling Really a Form of Addiction?

Previous research has considered gambling as a form of addiction but according to a new study by the University of Sydney, it may not be the case. A lot of people believe that gambling is a form of addiction. This condition is also known as compulsive gambling. Compulsive gamblers cannot control their urges even if they know that it’s already hurting them and the people they love. When they don’t gamble, they experience unwanted psychological symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, and sometimes – depression. Because of the similarities in the effect, problem gambling is grouped together with alcohol and drug addiction.

8 Super foods to Boost Weight Loss

All fruits, fish, and vegetables are healthy but some are simply greater than the others. If you’re looking to shed excess pounds, you need to pick the foods that will enhance your metabolism and will convert those fats to something usable – like energy. Here are 8 super foods that won’t just work double time to slim you down but will also satisfy your taste buds!

Light Boosts Cognitive Performance and Alertness, New Study Says

Light intensity affects a person’s cognitive function and sense of alertness, a Swiss study reveals. After a series of tests, they found that those who were subjected to a higher light intensity in the afternoon were more alert until early in the evening. In the experiment conducted in the EPFL’s Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO), experts confirmed the old belief that lighting affects a person’s perception of sleepiness. But aside from stimulating the sense of alertness, experts found that the brighter the light is, the better people’s cognitive performance becomes.

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