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Sustainable Habits that Make You Fitter and Better

Eat well and get active. These are the magic habits we should all be adopting right now. But just like what they say – it’s easier said than done. Because if it is, then obesity, diabetes and heart disease will not be at their highest rates right now. [Read More…]

New Research Says Aspirin May Not Be Helpful in Preventing Atherosclerosis

Many people rely on aspirins to maintain normal functioning of their cardiovascular system. But according to the latest research, aspirin may provide little or no benefit for certain patients who have plaque build-up in their arteries. [Read More…]

Five Easy Ways to Beat Sugar Addiction

Sugar is everywhere. From condiments and sauces to processed meat, canned goods, cereals and breakfast meals, and many others. But the thing is that you don’t always realise that it’s there. Sugar has always been part of food history. From very young kids to the elderly, very few of us hate the taste of sugar. [Read More…]

Damaged REM Cells Linked to Brain Disorders

Researchers from the University of Toronto found that a specific group of cells in the brain stem is responsible for controlling dreaming sleep, also called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Furthermore, they discovered that damage to those cells could lead to a sleeping disorder called REM Behaviour Disorder (RBD), which makes a person act out violent dreams. [Read More…]

Food Thoughts that Sabotage Your Health

For most people, food is a source of energy which they need to go through each day. But for some, food is a comforting friend, a boredom fix, a reward, a punishment, and an enemy. In whatever way you perceive food, it can have a big impact on your health. [Read More…]

Can a 70-Year Old Have a Heart of 20? New Research Says It’s Possible

Age doesn’t matter. You can be as healthy as a 20-year old even if you’re already in your 70s. That’s the latest findings by a group of researchers at Boston University. They found that positive habits such as being physically active, eating well and not smoking increase the health of our blood vessels by up to 10 times. [Read More…]
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Sentient Counselling

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Get attuned to Reiki practitioner level. Weekend course on Sat 9th and Sun 19th December 2017 from 11am till 6pm both days. £120 Please call or text Dee on 07955267143 or visit website at for more info. [read more]

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