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New Study Shows Why Optimistic People are Healthier

Optimists believe that having a positive perception brings them better health. But this isn’t just a bright idea. [Read More…]

Easy Ways to Combat Anxiety (That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet)

Anxiety is a physical and emotional response to perceived danger. And every human suffers from anxiety from time to time. But often, what trigger our anxiety are our own scary predictions of future events. [Read More…]

5 Great Things That Will Happen to You if You Log Out from Facebook Now

Social media can be a great way of keeping in touch with friends and meeting new people, so there’s no wonder why most of us, if not all are into it. [Read More…]

3 Signs You’re Living a Life of Purpose

Are you living a life of purpose? Even the best mental health practitioners and experts won’t be able to give you the answers to your life purpose. It is something you seek within you. [Read More…]

Mindfulness May Help Adults Combat Childhood Trauma, New Study Finds

Despite the fact that many years have passed, some adults who have experienced trauma during childhood couldn’t get over it. [Read More…]

5 Things Fit People Never Do

FACT #1: Majority of people prefer to be fit. FACT #2: Many people try to get fit but simply give up. FACT #3: Most people know what it takes to be fit but only a few do what they got to do. [Read More…]
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