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My name is Keith Standen – Hypnotherapy Certified Practitioner

In my previous ‘life’ I was a tour operator hosting specialist group holidays around Europe for single travellers from single parents to seniors.

When meeting so many people in close holiday proximity, conversation would often turn to their own lives and it was a constant eye-opener to discover that behind the smiles and holiday banter, many were often hurting for all sorts of reasons, certainly the subjects of stress, loneliness and confidence came up a lot.

So some three years ago I decided on a change of direction and following 15 months of intensive training, I qualified as a hypnotherapist and began using those new skills to help others in their lives, a very satisfying feeling.
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Hypnotherapy Practitioner – IANLPC, ILM

I undertook my initial certification training at the Centre of Excellence in Cheshire. In order to provide my clients with a full and professional level of service, I continued my training with a programme called 5-PATH®, an advanced hypnotherapy process created in 2006 by Calvin Banyan, globally one of the most recognised and respected experts in this field. I now work exclusively using 5-PATH®.
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Few UK hypnotherapists have undergone certification in 5-PATH® and they are among the best trained with whom you can work.

5-PATH Advanced Hypnosis is a structured 5 phase programme providing a systematic approach that enables me to go beyond the basic visualisation and direct suggestion techniques used by many hypnotherapists. Here is a quick outline of how 5-PATHers, (often referred to as the 1%ers), differentiate themselves.

5-PATH® is special because it incorporates the most powerful tools available and structures them in such a way as to significantly increase the effectiveness of each component of the process.

It is an optimisation of what works and is criteria based. That is to say, the therapist is able to apply these techniques to a wide variety of issues. This precise targeting increases both the effectiveness of the hypnosis and also its reliability which is very important to the success (and ultimately, success is all that matters). This means the recipient is able to achieve the desired results more quickly.

Many of the issues people have in their lives have an emotionally based attachment to them, (although they may be unaware of this prior to hypnosis), 5-PATH® was designed specifically with this in mind, to be used where necessary to target the emotion that’s driving the behavior, in other words, target the cause, NOT just ’flatten out’ the symptoms, (often just achieved with medication) but which later return because the actual CAUSE has not been dealt with.

The above may all sound just a bit scary but it really isn’t in the slightest and throughout the sessions, you are simply sitting back in the chair, relaxing and engaging with me as we work through the process together.

5-PATH® is the only hypnosis system ever to be endorsed by the prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists an organisation of over 10,000 members worldwide.


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