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Condition Location Prefered Therapy Time Left Posted
hypnotherapy Liverpool
Hypnotherapy 5d9h54m 20/02/2020
EMF London
EFT (MTT) Tapping 5d9h47m 20/02/2020
allergies London
Herbal Medicine 5d9h43m 20/02/2020
reflexology Northop Hall
Reflexology 5d9h27m 20/02/2020
naturopathy Crouch End, London
Naturopathy 4d9h53m 19/02/2020
psychotherapy Crawley
Psychotherapy 4d9h52m 19/02/2020
acupuncture Chepstow
Acupuncture 3d10h20m 18/02/2020
acupuncture Rochford
Acupuncture 3d10h17m 18/02/2020
psychotherapy Malmesbury
Psychotherapy 3d10h12m 18/02/2020
EMDR Oxford
EMDR 3d10h4m 18/02/2020
acupuncture Liss
Acupuncture 3d9h53m 18/02/2020
counselling Downham Market
Counselling 2d22h31m 18/02/2020
counselling Hove
Counselling 2d22h27m 18/02/2020
reflexology Isle of Dogs, London
Reflexology 2d22h20m 18/02/2020
hypnotherapy Prestwich
Hypnotherapy 2d22h15m 18/02/2020
counselling East Kilbride
Counselling 2d22h6m 17/02/2020
EFT Birmingham
EFT (MTT) Tapping 2d22h0m 17/02/2020
EFT Plymouth
EFT (MTT) Tapping 2d10h24m 17/02/2020
hypnotherapy Hornsea
Hypnotherapy 2d10h9m 17/02/2020
counselling Whiston
Counselling 2d10h6m 17/02/2020