Hero's Clinic

Below are the names of therapists and dentists who agree to offer discounted services to ex-service personnel and veterans.
If you're a therapist or dentist who is not yet a member of NTFA but wish to join the campaign, please contact us at:support@naturaltherapyforall.com.
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Hero's Clinic

Jacqui Kemp Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Stress Management

Homeopath To Health

Homeopathy, Reiki, Stress Management

Gordon Diment - Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & NLP Practitioner

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Relaxation Therapy, Stress Management

Coaching Change

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Life Coaching

Chinese Medicine Clinic

Acupuncture, Natural Fertility Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupressure, Chinese Massage, Corporate Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Beauty Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Stress Management

Rosemary Cunningham

Reflexology, Emmett Technique, Bowen Therapy, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Relaxation Therapy, Life Coaching

Psychic Plumbing

NLP, Psychotherapy


Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy, Life Coaching

Counselling for Mental Health

Womens Health, Mens Health, Weight Loss, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy

The Mobile Massage Man & Advanced Hypnotherapist

Ayurveda, Reiki, Corporate Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy

Sheila Crouch

EFT (MTT) Tapping, Kinesiology, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Relaxation Therapy

AcuHerb Wellbeing Centre

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupressure, Chinese Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Relaxation Therapy

Brixton Therapy Centre

Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Ear Candling, EFT (MTT) Tapping, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Natural Fertility Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Womens Health, Mens Health

Morag Mcmaster


InTeDev Clinical Hypnotherapy

EFT (MTT) Tapping, Reiki, Weight Loss, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy, Life Coaching, Past Life Regression

NRG Balance

EFT (MTT) Tapping, Natural Fertility Therapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Bowen Therapy, Counselling, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Flower Essences, Allergy Intolerance Therapy, Stress Management, Life Coaching

Ewa Douglas

Hypnotherapy, Reiki, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Spiritual Healing

Internal Choice

NLP, Life Coaching

Restora Holistics

Reiki, NLP, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Aromatherapy

Phoenix Therapy

Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Natural Fertility Therapy, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Weight Loss, Chinese Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Beauty Therapy, Allergy Intolerance Therapy, Stress Management

Sue Pallenberg

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Couples Therapy, EMDR, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Life Coaching

Lena Therapy

Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Couples Therapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Psychosexual Therapy, Life Coaching

Cindy Collick

Counselling, Psychotherapy

linda barbour

Counselling, EFT (MTT) Tapping

Nicky Defries

Counselling, Psychotherapy

Andrea Lowe Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Life Coaching

Angie Hyde

EFT (MTT) Tapping, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stress Management

Vera Scott

Reiki, Beauty Therapy

Holistic Healing

EFT (MTT) Tapping, Reiki, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Stress Management, Life Coaching

Mina Haeri Acupuncture

Acupuncture, Natural Fertility Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupressure, Chinese Massage

Carole Mabboux

Acupuncture, Reiki, Womens Health, Stress Management

Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Natural Fertility Therapy, Theta Healing, Womens Health, Mens Health, Weight Loss, Focusing Oriented Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Hypnobirthing, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), NLP, Psychotherapy, Sound Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Meditation, Neuro Emotional Technique, Relaxation Therapy, Stress Management, Allergy Intolerance Therapy, Life Coaching

Thinking Room

Weight Loss, Relationship Counselling, Couples Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), NLP, Time Line Therapy, Stress Management, Life Coaching

Anne Widdup MAPHP

EFT (MTT) Tapping, Reiki, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Stone Therapy Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), NLP, Time Line Therapy, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy, Life Coaching

Natural Health Solutions

Acupuncture, Qigong, Naturopathy, Natural Fertility Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Womens Health, Mens Health, Acupressure, Pregnancy Massage, Chinese Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Remedial Massage

Julie Therapy & Yoga

Yoga, EFT (MTT) Tapping, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy

Samantha Biddle

Ear Candling, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy

Hypnotherapy Murthly, Perth and Kinros

Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Sound Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Stress Management, Nutritional Therapy, Allergy Intolerance Therapy

Whitkirk Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Hypnobirthing, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy, Life Coaching

Opt2b Ltd

Weight Loss, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy, Life Coaching

Joanna Ellis

Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Personal Trainers, Stress Management

Inner Depths Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

EFT (MTT) Tapping, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy, Life Coaching, Past Life Regression

Lyall Holistics

Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Stone Therapy Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy

Paul Nathan

EFT (MTT) Tapping, Reiki, EMDR, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy, Past Life Regression

Karen E Polley

Reiki, Weight Loss, Art Therapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Meditation, Relaxation Therapy, Stress Management


EFT (MTT) Tapping, Reiki, Weight Loss, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy


Herbal Medicine, Reiki, Mens Health, Weight Loss, Acupressure, Indian Head Massage, Remedial Massage, Emmett Technique, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Couples Therapy, Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), NLP, Psychotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Meditation, Crystal Therapy, Future Life Progression, Relaxation Therapy, Stress Management, Autogenic Training, Flower Essences, Nutritional Therapy, Life Coaching, Past Life Regression


Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy

Karen April Mills Dip.Hyp Dip.Couns. Dip.NLP

Mens Health, Womens Health, Weight Loss, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy

TBC Private Practice

Weight Loss, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy, Life Coaching

Carol Mohamed MSc, MA, BSc, CQSW, UKCP Registered

EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Life Coaching, Psychotherapy, Time Line Therapy

St Annes Pain Clinic

EFT (MTT) Tapping, Reiki, Emmett Technique, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Stress Management

Vital therapy

Hypnotherapy, Reiki, NLP, EFT (MTT) Tapping, Spiritual Healing

Solution’s Hypnotherapy

Acupressure, EFT (MTT) Tapping, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Relaxation Therapy

Covent Garden Acupuncture

Acupuncture, Mens Health, Womens Health, Acupressure, Corporate Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy

Herbs & Acupuncture

Acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Weight Loss, Acupressure, Chinese Massage, Reflexology, Time Line Therapy

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