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Types of Treatment

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Types of Treatment

About El-Essawy Holistic Care Centre

Considering that many substances used in dentistry today carry a heavy toxicological burden on patients, we believe that testing a material before using it for a particular patient is the correct approach for caring for our patients.

Our patient is always the centre of our world, and everything we do revolves around serving him.

We never take control away from our patients. We only undertake what they willingly entrust us with.

We consider a tooth to be a miraculous work of art, and we consider ourselves privileged to have the opportunity to work with it.

We treat teeth and oral tissues with the utmost of care and respect, in the hope of doing justice to the miracles that are teeth and oral tissues.

Restoration of normality or near normality is what we aim for.

We use only the best possible materials, equipment, and techniques.

We use powerful air filters and negative air ionizers to ensure that the patient inhales only clean air.

We use reverse osmosis water filter, to ensure that the water we use for our patient is pure water.

The practice is designed to be comforting to the eye and the soul (see office tour link).

We ensure that our patient always stay in control of his experience.

We play the patient’s more favoured music during the treatment as it helps to relax the patient.

We endeavour and usually succeed in treating the patient’s dental fear complex and other related phobias.

Our work atmosphere is nearly always a happy and joyous one. We love our dentistry, we love our patients and we are extremely happy with our patients’ friendship.

We believe that, if the patient does not enjoy his dental visit, then we must have been doing something wrong somewhere.

This philosophy stems from Dr El-Essawy’s personal experience over fifty years ago as a 6 year old child, visiting a dentist for the first time. The dental phobia that resulted made him determined to become a dentist in order to help set a standard for a better dentistry, and to see dentistry through the eyes of the phobic patient.

Most of our patients start being phobic, and they end up enjoying the experience. That, we find, is a highly rewarding aspect of our practice

My training, work experience and any achievement


Graduated in 1967 from the dental school at Cairo University.

Taught Oral Surgery at the University of Cairo Dental School as junior staff.
Worked in Hospital Oral Surgery in the NHS from 1970.
Taught Oral Surgery at King’s College Hospital, University of London.
Obtained the higher degree of Master in Science in Oral Pathology from the London College Dental School, University of London.
Obtained the higher degree of Fellow in Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

Dr El-Essawy worked in general practice NHS (National Health Service) Dentistry before starting his full time private dental practice in Harley Street, London since 1975 till the present time.

Dr El-Essawy is currently working on his book entitled ’KILLING ME SOFTLY’ in which he chronicles his experience and that of others during the fight to free themselves from the mercury toxins from dental amalgam and the way back to good health. The book will be available on the Kindle store and ’ibooks’ in the near future.


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    Laser Tooth whitening

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