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About Joanna Spriggs

I am a general reflexologist and mum to 3 girls, who specialises in the area that interests me most - fertility (pre-conception, pregnancy, postnatal and baby reflexology) and women’s health issues. It was through my own personal infertility struggles which led me to reflexology and I’m still often amazed by the results that can be achieved through this safe and wonderful therapy.

After working in top London fertility clinics, Joanna has now set up a practice in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

So why Reflexology?
Reflexology is the technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet, or hands, to stimulate the body’s own healing process and keep it in a balanced state.

Your feet are amazing! There are more than 7000 nerve endings there alone. The theory of Reflexology is that all organs, nerves, glands and parts of the body are connected to reflex areas or points on both the feet and hands. When these areas are stimulated it sends a signal through the nervous system to the brain, to regulate and improve the function of internal organs. Reflexology is all about bringing balance, harmony and well-being to the body. At times in our lives, we find ourselves ‘out-of-sorts’ and our body needs equilibrium in order to keep working healthily.

The benefits of Reflexology:

Encourages the body to heal any current disorders
Balances the endocrine, digestive, lymphatic and excretory systems
Boosts circulation
Reduces stress
Improves the immune system
Releases endorphins (body’s natural painkillers)
Improves bowel movements
Eliminates waste products from the body
Clears the body of toxins
Improves nerve stimulation
Revitalises energy

It is acknowledged that 75% of all illness is stress related. Stress infiltrates our lives causing problems when we cannot cope with it, often compromising our immune systems and making us more susceptible to illness and disease. Reflexology reduces stress by creating deep relaxation and a sense of balance and well-being, alongside helping the nervous system to calm down and function more normally.

Other conditions Reflexology may be able to help with:

Anxiety/Asthma/Arthritis/Sinusitis/Back pain/Constipation/Depression/Endometriosis/Fertility /Fibroids /Influenza
Headaches/migraines/IBS/Menopause/Osteoporosis/Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)/PMS/Psoriasis/Stress

Specialising in:

Fertility Reflexology
Fertility Reflexology is simply, reflexology used to nurture the woman and her baby on a physical, emotional and spiritual level - pre-conceptually, throughout pregnancy, the birth itself and during the postnatal period. 
Reflexology can be a very effective treatment for sub-fertility problems, especially with the more common finding of unexplained infertility. There is increasing evidence that sub-fertile women can significantly improve their chances of conception when a method of stress reduction, such as Reflexology, is used.
The Association of Reflexologists report on their website that “… on average about 50% of clients seeking help through Reflexology for infertility, find themselves pregnant within 6 months of commencing treatment.”

Reflexology can be effective in assisting with different fertility issues, and may help with:
Conditions that impact fertility - endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS
Menstrual problems – painful, delayed or absent periods
Unexplained infertility disorders
Natural conception
Supporting assisted conception - IUI, ICSI or IVF
Pregnancy ailments and common conditions
Birth preparation
Post-natal recovery
Anxiety disorders
Baby support


Reflexology is one of the safest, most supportive therapies for pregnant women.** It is excellent during pregnancy and birth, both for the mother and her baby. Research shows that regular Reflexology treatments during pregnancy can improve the chances of a shorter, less intense labour; improve recovery time and both mother and baby tend to be calmer and more relaxed, which enhances bonding and breastfeeding.
During pregnancy, Reflexology may help with the relief of many complaints:
Acid reflux
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Digestive problems
Headaches and migraines
High blood pressure
Morning sickness
Pelvic girdle pain
Odemema (swollen and puffy ankle and legs)
Stress and anxiety

** Reflexology is safe throughout pregnancy, although as a precaution, it is usually only administered after the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, to allow the body to settle naturally. **

Reflexology to bring on labour:
If you’re overdue, or worried about being overdue, bear in mind that Reflexology can’t be used as a quick-fix last resort, before medical induction: a one-off treatment won’t generally be enough.  It’s not magic and the body has to have time to adapt, so ideally all pregnant women should see a Reflexologist at least ten weeks before their due date if possible. It has been shown that reflexology can help induce labour (although only if the baby is ready!) and reduce pain and the overall length during childbirth. Reflexology stimulates the release of oxytocin to encourage the onset of uterine contractions.

Women can feel both jubilant and exhausted, as well as experiencing other conflicting emotions after the baby’s birth. Loss of sleep, breastfeeding problems, frustration and fatigue can all take its toll on the new family. A Reflexology treatment can be wonderful at this time, as well as helping with other conditions associated with the postnatal period. 
Reflexology can help to:
-rebalance the body after the birth
-calm and relax both mother and baby
-maintain and increase milk supply
-help with balancing hormones and avoid postnatal depression
-increase energy levels
- help recovery following epidural pain and c-sections

**** Mum and baby sessions also offered. I am a qualified Baby Reflex practitioner - a wonderful therapy for you to both enjoy together, either in my clinics or in the comfort of your own home. ****

My training, work experience and any achievement

My early training over 10 years ago was at the prestigious London School of Reflexology, where I worked directly under "Britain’s leading Reflexologist"*, Louise Keet. The training was of the highest standard, awarding me with the ABC Level 3 diploma, from the Association of Reflexologists (AoR). I’m also a full member of the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) which is supported by the department of health. In addition to this, I have undertaken extensive specialist training in pre-conception, pregnancy and postnatal care, alongside advanced spinal reflexology and hand reflexology courses, which I incorporate into my various clinics on a daily basis.

I have also attended numerous fertility and maternity reflexology seminars and workshops throughout the UK to further my knowledge. I have also completed a registered baby and toddler reflexology course (which I’ve used on my 3 daughters since the day they were born), so I’m able to offer a unique mother and baby treatment session - alongside teaching mum how to use some key techniques herself ’Baby Reflex’ which can help with a whole host of ailments. Individual or group sessions can be booked.

My expert reflexology tips were published last year, in leading fertility acupuncturist, Emma Cannon’s book - "You and Your bump" which is available to buy on amazon and in leading book stores.

I am also a regular ’guest expert’ at a mum and baby event hosted in West London on a monthly basis and frequently travel to London to teach.

I have also been included in a stress busters feature in Red Magazine.

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  • Maternity Reflexology
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