Simon Crowe

Simon Crowe - Accredited Master Coach

Executive Life Coaching in London

Member Organisation(s): International Coach Federation and Behavioral Coaching Institute

Insurance: Holistic Services

Therapy Provides:
Meditation, Life Coaching

Therapy Provides:
Meditation, Life Coaching

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Member Organisation(s): International Coach Federation and Behavioral Coaching Institute

Insurance: Holistic Services

Therapy Provides:
Meditation, Life Coaching

About Simon Crowe - Accredited Master Coach

I believe that we all desire and deserve to live a happy, fulfilled life.

However in my experience, often people just don’t know how to do this.

I recognize the frustration we feel being stuck in a loop that does not satisfy, but don’t feel we have the awareness or skills to change.

We often reach a point in our lives where we are very clear on what is holding us back and where our frustrations lie, but lack the clarity of purpose, the vision and the drive to make the changes we desire.

My job is to help those people to step beyond the stuckness and start to create purposeful and happy lives.

I work with my clients to clarify their thinking and to create a strong and compelling vision of how they would live their lives if they were living passionately and on purpose.

I then help them to break down the journey into the steps of how to do this – getting really specific on what needs to be done in order to create the life of their dreams.

I then work with them as their running-mate in taking these steps and overcoming the inevitable blocks and obstacles - to keep them motivated and believing that making these changes is possible.

My typical client is a 35 - 55 year-old professional man or woman who is currently in a career, job, relationship or just a place in their life where they feel stuck or unbalanced and unable to move forward.

These people are not generally short of friendly advice but often that advice from friends is to be thankful for what you have got.

But I work with those people who have an intuitive knowing that there is more to life and who know they just need to get over the inertia and they can create something inspiring.

And this is why they turn to me as a professional who has a wealth of experience and skills and strategies to help them to connect more fully with themselves and start living from their heart.

My reason for becoming a coach stems from my own experience of being stuck in a job I hated but not knowing how to get out – I had a wife and child and a mortgage and just couldn’t see how I could possibly change without risking everything. I was lucky enough to work with a coach of my own and within 6 months I had changed jobs (lost weight) and was living a far more fulfilled life. It was then that I knew what I wanted to do – I wanted to combine my 20 years’ experience of helping people to learn, with the specific skills of coaching and to help people to touch the stars.

I have know been an accredited life coach for the past 6 years and love helping my clients to stop living the live they had chosen and start living the life they love.

My training, work experience and any achievement

My coaching practice is built on very solid foundations - with almost 25 years’ theoretical study and hands-on experience in a richly diverse range of learning and development contexts.

For the past 6 years, I have worked full time as a Coach and Facilitator, but in the past I have been a Teacher of Adults, a Learning Resources Specialist, a Learning Technologist and a University Lecturer, I managed a department for a large Adult Learning provider for 8 years and have trained and facilitated professional and personal development courses for private and public sector companies all around the world.

In addition to my professional coaching qualifications, I am a qualified Teacher of Adults at Post-Graduate level, I have a Master’s Degree in the application of Media Technology in Adult Learning and have run a mindfulness meditation group in my home for the past two and a half years

Here is a list of professional & academic qualifications that underpin my coaching and that I feel show my commitment to helping people to learn and develop

Certified Master Coach - Behavioural Coaching Institute
Associate Certified Coach - International Coaching Federation
Advanced Certified Coach - Results Coaching Systems
MA Media Technology for Teaching Adults (Distinction)
Post-Grad Dip ESOL
Licentiate Post-Grad. Diploma - Trinity College
Member of the Behavioural Coaching Institute and the International Coach Federation
Accredited Facilitator – 9 Conversations in Leadership, Purposeful Teams and The Heart of Leadership – Worldsview SA

Further Information

Please read what some of my recent clients have said about their work with me.

Be Careful what you wish for - Working with Simon will make it happen.

Luke Oxlade - Director Vanbrugh - Prime Property Ltd

Simon has been the perfect coach for me. He has an excellent coaching style, is very skilled at challenging my ideas and also practises what he preaches.
I have worked hard setting actions with Simon, and now have a completely new business model that is both profitable and has an excellent potential for future growth.
I now love working on my business and it energises me.
My life, in all areas, is the best it’s ever been.

I recommend Simon 100% as a top coach

Oliver Gray - Managing Director - EnergizeYou Ltd

“I have been coached by Simon Crowe in relation to my development as an entrepreneur. I have found the experience extremely helpful at a time when I was looking for my next project. I was literally stuck on my own and kept arriving at the same crossroad where I knew I wanted to start a new business (in addition to my two existing ones) but I would get stuck on the “what” and “how”.

Doing coaching sessions with Simon completely changed my approach. His unique style of guiding me through the thinking process, allowed me to look at the bigger picture, instead of focusing on the details. He also gave me the tools to look at the issue from completely different angles than before. In a very short period of time, I had defined my goals and was up and running working towards them.

I have benefited hugely from Simon’s coaching and am now not only working towards my next project, but also knowing much better how to manage my existing businesses in a simpler and more effective way. I have gained clarity, and capacity to simplify work via looking at the bigger picture. I have found Simon’s style exactly right for me, as he always challenged me, but at the same time allowed me to draw my own conclusions. I would highly recommend him to any professional or entrepreneur that needs help through a change process. It is hard to realize when someone needs a coach. I would say a big clue for me was not being able to solve a problem on my own.”

Solano Pena-Lenzi - Managing Director - HispaMerchants Ltd

“Simon’s ability to lay a clear path to achieve goals and then painlessly guiding you through that (however desperate you are to deviate) is a real talent. Couple this with some truly challenging but poignant questions and you have a successful partnership that can deliver results and make a real difference both personally and in the workplace.”

Jeremy Cuthbert - Managing Director -Beacon Graphics Ltd

" Simon’s sessions are filled with positivity, enthusiasm and professionalism. Every engaging and interactive hour subtly and effectively re-enforced my determination and focused my mind on attaining my objectives.....Simon’s work yielded instant results. The methods he introduced to me were, and still are, a key ingredient in my development as a sales manager.”

Darren Strachan - Sales Manager

“Simon coached me over a probationary period in a new job. I have no doubt that this, my first experience of coaching, accelerated my adaptation to a very different professional role, a new working environment and culture.

Simon helped me to:
• learn to actively listen out for my own voice and my own solutions
• remember to trust myself and ‘follow my instincts’
• recognise the constraints that I was applying to myself during this early period, to identify more positive and effective behaviours and to make a commitment to actions that helped move me forwards in the direction that I chose

I would strongly recommend Simon as a coach. He demonstrates professionalism and commitment to his clients. His personal qualities, combined with his strong understanding of the process of coaching, deliver results and equip his clients with strategies to support their own personal and career development into the future”.

Rosemary Ledley - Communications Specialist

“Simon is an intuitive and natural coach who easily creates a space in which I can think creatively and productively. He has great empathy and understanding while maintaining his own integrity and independence. This means he is able to follow me into my world while frequently provoking me to expand it through fresh insights. As a result, working with him is often very exciting and enriching.”

Donald Lush - College Vice Principal

“I worked with Simon for over 6 months and the outcome was totally positive. From where I began – as someone who was very negative about coaching I was transformed in my belief and commitment to this process. I achieved my main three goals and improved my live considerably as a result. I would highly recommend Simon as a coach, and also council anyone with doubts to give this a try – as it will definitely change them for the better. An excellent experience all round.”

Bob Morrell - Operations Director - Reality Training Ltd

“ You are a committed and dedicated coach whose desire to "mentor" my progress was refreshing and had a very powerful influence on my outlook on life. Your ability to hear, listen and suggest has helped to energise me and enabled me to tackle issues which were either long buried or bundled away in the "too difficult" box. You have a positive, enthusiastic and can-do attitude which is contagious and your personalised approach meant that I felt that each session was tailored to my specific needs and was not a one-size-fits-all textbook solution. I valued that bespoke guidance which has equipped me with a new toolkit and outlook on what I had previously considered insurmountable challenges.
I would definitely recommend you as a coach because it has been an extremely positive and eye-opening experience for me and I would willingly refer anyone who had reached an impasse in their lives to undergo this rewarding and fulfilling experience. You have helped to boost my confidence in myself and my capabilities and also shown me that there are always options and solutions to every perceived challenge. ”

Cynthia Mbenafo - Commercial Banking Professional

“ I am privileged to have found a coach that not only enables me to see exactly what I need to do, but also helps me to create strategies that allow me to research and plan those tasks, getting them done quicker than ever before. This in turn leaves with so much more time to be creative and entrepreneurial with my work, which in turn makes my busy home life much more focused and enjoyable. I have three young children and now do more domestically than I ever thought possible and have a planned social life with my wife and friends.

I cannot recommend Simon Crowe highly enough. It is an enjoyable process that has re-energised me and produced extraordinary outcomes for my business."

Jeremy Blake - Sales & Marketing Director - Reality Training Ltd

“ Simon’s personable approach meant that difficulties, in whatever form they took, were always felt to be simple to grasp, understand and dispatch without any trouble. I always felt in control, which was largely down to the fact that Simon kept me focused on whatever the task was in hand - it was very empowering.

He never came across as critical which, for me, is very important. He was able to listen sympathetically before reflecting back to me underlying barriers that I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) express easily. His style was softly persistent, a way of keeping me in touch with succeeding and moving forward.

I would warmly recommend him as someone who could help with short or
long term transitional projects.”

Philip Butler - Senior e-learning Adviser - University of London

“ Simon will help you achieve the results you want whilst treating you as the unique individual you are.”

Robert Moody - Quality Improvement Manager

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