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You are very likely to be here because you feel your health challenges are not being adequately addressed by conventional medicine. Symptoms may have been treated, but are reappearing as soon as you stop medication. Perhaps dealing with one set of symptoms has only lead to others arising. You might feel as if you’ve been going round in circles from one consultant to another, each of which is looking for test results that relate to their own speciality. The results of medical tests might have shown up as ’within normal levels’... but you still feel unwell.

If that’s so, you may feel it’s time for a total rethink. Please browse my site to discover more about Field Control Therapy at Real Healing, my practice and how to go about booking a consultation.

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Bob Roberts has been practising Field Control Therapy in London since he qualified in October 2007 following 3 years study in London, Dublin and New York under Dr Savely Yurkovsky.

Bob’s original qualification was a BSc in Horticulture at Wye College, London University in 1973. He had always had a passion for growing plants together with being keenly interested in science, nature and all aspects of human health, but it wasn’t until he became ill and felt only his symptoms, not the root cause of his ill health was being treated, that the focus of his interest changed from horticulture to complimentary medicine. So he went on to study naturopathy and homeopathy and gain diplomas for both subjects in 2003 at the College of Natural Medicine in Regent’s Park, London.

He then undertook further homeopathic studies with Dr Subrata Banerjea at the Allen College of Homeopathy in Chelmsford, also becoming interested in kinesiology as a means of using the body’s own responses for diagnosis. This led him to Field Control Therapy, which incorporates kinesiology.

"After I had attended Dr Yurkovsky’s first seminar I was relieved to understand that here was something which was a great advance on the mechanistic science of the 19th century. 20th century discoveries show that living organisms - including humans - need to be understood as very complex dynamic systems. They are not machines. We need to find the main causes of a patient’s ill heath and remove them. Reflex kinesiology testing allows a precise determination of the causes and energy medicine allows for a precise treatment.

My study of classical homeopathy allows me to treat the deep internal causes if necessary after my patient’s external causations have been effectively removed.

If you feel helpless and frustrated after months or even years of not getting to the root cause of any health problem, please do contact me to discuss how, with my help, your own body can be assisted to heal."


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