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Kina Malmberg-Lovatt BA, Dipl Psych

Counselling, Psychotherapy in Oxfordshire

Therapy Provides:
Psychotherapy, Counselling

Therapy Provides:
Psychotherapy, Counselling


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Therapy Provides:
Psychotherapy, Counselling

About Kina Malmberg-Lovatt BA, Dipl Psych

Are you looking for support because you are struggling in life or with a situation? Do you want professional help to achieve a specific life or work goal? I may be able to help.

I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor with ten years experience helping individuals and couples. I am able to help with a wide range of issues.

have a multicultural background and speak fluent English, Swedish and Spanish. With a past career in international corporate business I have a solid understanding of the working world "out there" and company dynamics. As a therapist I have undergone my own journey of exploration through therapy and personal development. I have benefited enormously from this and still enjoy seeking a fresh take from a professional when life challenges me.

My practice room is warm and welcoming. I will give you time and provide a safe, non-judgmental space to explore and work on any issues and goals you bring.

Integrative therapy

As an integrative practitioner I work combining theories and methods from different psychotherapy and psychology schools. This gives me a wider, more flexible “tool box” to help my clients, because every person is unique and so are their circumstances and their journey. I draw on the following in my work:

•Transpersonal psychotherapy
•Jungian psychotherapy
•Psychodynamic psychotherapy
•Somatic Experiencing SE®
•Transactional Analysis

Taking a first step to seeing a therapist or coach can be challenging. But if the match is good it’s very rare that people regret it. Instead they summarise it as “The best thing I ever did for myself”.

My training, work experience and any achievement

Diploma in Somatic Experiencing (SE)®, EASE (2016)
Advanced Diploma, Couples Counselling and Psychotherapy, CCPE, London (2010)
Advanced Diploma, Counselling and Psychotherapy, CCPE, London (2006)
BA (Hons) Degree, King’s College, London (1994)

Further Information

Trauma treatment

I am able to help with shock trauma and post traumatic stress. If you are not sure, but are seeking help because you know you suffer from any of the symptoms below you may be dealing with undiagnosed unresolved trauma:
➤ feelings of helplessness/powerlessnes
➤ lack of focus/concentration
➤ memory gaps
➤ disorientation
➤ prone to accident/taking high risks
➤ recurring nightmares, night terrors, abrupt awakening
➤ feeling out of control, frozen, paralysed, immobile
➤ intrusive imagery, flashbacks of the event
➤ disrupted sleep patterns
➤ lethargy, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
➤ extreme emotional shifts
➤ rage/anger outbursts
➤ overcautiousness
➤ fear of being watched/followed
➤ startle esily/jumpy
➤ feeling overwhelmed
➤ feeling defeated, inadequate, confused, fragmented
➤ hyperactivity
➤ impulse to run away/escape fantasies

I am trained in Somatic Experiencing (SE) trauma resolution. I use SE to help people resolve traumatic experience "held" in the body. Over the years I became aware that"talking" therapy does not always help people to resolve their traumatic symptoms, understanding and making sense isn’t enough because the trauma is in the nervous system over which we have no conscious control. SE is a excellent yet gentle and highly effective method that facilitates the release - or "discharge" of the trauma in the body while empowering the client to increased self-regulation and restoring vitality and life zest. It works with all ages of individuals who have experienced shock or developmental trauma.

What is meant by "trauma"?

Trauma is an overwhelming experience that leaves us feeling helpless, intense fear, loss of control and threat of annihilation. Yet, trauma is an inevitable part of life and we are "designed" to survive trauma. Everybody experiences trauma in some form or another in life - the loss the of a loved one, an accident, a physical or emotional attack, witnessing something horrible, a medical procedure gone wrong, a heart-breaking separation or a major collective one, such as a natural disaster or the experience of war.

With the right support during or shortly after a traumatic experience or when we are able to process the trauma spontaneously and organically through our body’s instinctual fight, fight and freeze responses, we "resolve" the trauma organically. Our nervous system then gets reset and inner balance, vitality and resilience to stress get restored. We get on with our lives, with the memories perhaps, but otherwise more or less intact literally having "shaken off" the trauma.

However, when we are not able to process and heal traumatic experiences at or in the relatively short aftermath of the event we are left with "unresolved" trauma. If this unresolved trauma then gets ignored or pushed away for longer periods of time, we can develop more serious symptoms like chronic pain, chronic illness, chronic stress, disconnection from life/others, to name a few.

Trauma can be caused by a one off experience, an accumulation of experiences and passed down the generations, known as transgenerational trauma. Trauma can be conscious remembered (explicit) and unconscious or repressed because it was simply too much at the time or because it happened before we had access to words (implicit and pre-verbal).

Behind most addictions, whether alcohol, drugs, sex/porn, over-work, bulimia, smoking, there is likely to be unresolved trauma. The addiction is a coping strategy and an expression of the powerlessness of the individual to manage their inner experience. Depression and most mental illnesses also have their root in some form of unresolved trauma.

What is Somatic Experiencing® and how does it work?

Somatic experiencing (SE) is a trauma healing method for removing trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress. It is the life’s work of
Dr. Peter Levine, one of the pioneers in the field of trauma treatment. SE has evolved over 45 years of successful clinical application.

The SE method facilitates the release of traumatic shock held in the body-psyche. This is key to transforming PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and the wounds of emotional and early developmental "attachment trauma" (disruption in the intimate relationship with our early caregivers) .


  • English

Other concerns & issues I deal with

    • anxiety
    • panic disorder
    • depression - SAD - postnatal depression
    • trauma and traumatic stress disorders
    • bipolar disorder (manic depression)
    • addictions
    • cancer
    • bullying in relationships - bullying at work
    • sexual abuse
    • emotional abuse
    • physical abuse
    • relationship difficulties
    • affairs and betrayals
    • separation and divorce
    • co-dependency and dependency
    • cross cultural relationships and issues
    • identity issues
    • sexuality problems
    • infertility and adoption-related issues
    • low self-confidence
    • low self-esteem
    • suicidal thoughts and suicide in the family
    • trauma - verbal, emotional, physical, sexual
    • life crises
    • meaning of life
    • loneliness and isolation
    • bereavement, grief and loss
    • fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

Concerns & issues I deal with

Therapy Provides

  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling

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