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Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychosexual & Relationship therapy in Dulwich & Marylebone, London

Member Organisation(s): UKCP, COSRT

Therapy Provides:
Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Couples Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychosexual Therapy

Therapy Provides:
Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Couples Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychosexual Therapy

Cavendish Square
Streamline Mews
South East London
SE22 8SG

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Member Organisation(s): UKCP, COSRT

Therapy Provides:
Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Couples Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychosexual Therapy

About Sarah Calvert - Counselling & Psychotherapy

- I am a professionally qualified, experienced and fully accredited Psychotherapist; specialising in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy working both in private practice and within the NHS. I have a rich and varied experience dealing with many different issues and people from all walks of life.
- I trained as a psychotherapist at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy, completing a four year UKCP accredited post graduate diploma. Additionally I also hold a Postgraduate diploma in psychosexual and relationship therapy, training accredited by COSRT.
- Prior to retraining to become a Psychotherapist I worked within the corporate sector, working for a blue chip company and later running my own business. Therefore I have direct experience of the demands of corporate life and the stresses of balancing career with family and personal relationships.
- I have always held an interest and curiosity regarding individuals overcoming their obstacles to reach their true potential in life, be that in business or personal relationships. I believe that Psychotherapy can assist us in realising our potential.
My approach is integrative, which means I draw from a variety of different theoretical models to find the methods of working that best suit you and your needs.
- In addition to using the usual talking therapy, which is normally where the client talks to therapist and the therapist listens offering insight, I also use more creative tools such as working with dreams, guided visualisations and art work, to help us explore the issues together.

How can Counselling and Psychotherapy help?
- The therapeutic setting provides a confidential, non judgemental space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings safely with a qualified, empathic and sensitive professional.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
- Counselling often refers to short term work which is helpful in dealing with specific issues that occur during our lives, such as death of a loved one. Counselling can provide the space, during these often painful or discombobulating life events, to talk and unravel thoughts and feelings.
Psychotherapy is often for a longer period of time and is beneficial when there are issues from our past that are impacting upon our current life situation. Psychotherapy allows a deeper understanding of yourself and how significant life events may be impacting upon your present day life and thus limiting your potential.
- Psychotherapy can help move beyond these limitations, allowing you the freedom to realise your true potential. Psychotherapy can effect a profound and lasting lifelong change.

- Psychotherapy and Counselling can help with those issues that are known to us such as the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, relationship issues, addictions. It can also help with issues that are less apparent such as persistent relationship problems, problems with sexual functioning (Psychosexual issues), feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, or that nagging feeling that shouts ’all is not well’.
- When we develop problems in our lives, the problems serve to tell us that something is wrong. Psychotherapy and Psychosexual Therapy can provide the space and professional focus to address these problems and thus begin the process towards transformation.
- Crises although often painful can provide us with a platform to transform our lives. It is within these crises that we can learn the most about ourselves.

Relationship and Psychosexual therapy can help both individuals and couples deal with relationship/psychosexual issues in a safe, confidential, non judgemental and empathetic environment.

Examples of some of the issues I work with:
- Communication Difficulties
- Conflict Resolution
- Relationship Problems & Dilemmas
- Loss of sexual desire
- Erectile Difficulties
- Painful Sex
- Lack of orgasm
- Survivors of sexual abuse
- Affairs
- Sex and porn addiction
- Premature and delayed ejaculation
- Issues surrounding IVF and assisted pregnancies

My training, work experience and any achievement

- B.A. Hon Cultural Studies (University of Greenwich)
- P.G. Cert Psychology (Thames University)
- Counselling Skills (Lambeth College)
- Dip Counselling & Psychotherapy (CCPE)
- P.G. Dip. The London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship therapy

- I am both UKCP and COSRT accredited. I abide by the UKCP, COSRT and BACP code of ethics. I am fully insured.
- I am a recognized provider with Pruhealth, Bupa and other insurance companies.
- I have a rich and varied experience practicing as a psychotherapist working within the charity sector, private practice and within the N.H.S.

Further Information

I am a qualified Psychosexual and relationship therapist, working with both individuals and couples.

Age I Work With

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Elders


  • English

Other concerns & issues I deal with

    - Eating Disorders
    - Addictions and self harm
    - Depression
    - Anxiety
    - Bereavement
    - Infertility
    - Family and Relationship issues
    - Abuse (sexual, physical and emotional)
    - Loss of direction
    - Low self-esteem
    - Creative blocks
    - Separation and Divorce
    - Spirituality and personal growth
    - Work Related Issues
    - Obsessional / Over Thinking
    - Psychosexual Issues
    - Relationship/Couples Therapy

Concerns & issues I deal with

Therapy Provides

  • Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Couples Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychosexual Therapy

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