Dawn Davies

Dawn Davies MBACP Registered Individual & Couples Counselling & Supervisor

Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in Herts

Member Organisation(s): BACP

Insurance: Towergate

Therapy Provides:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling

Therapy Provides:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling

Nash Mills Hemel Hempstead Herts

Billing and Insurance


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): £40/session

Counselling: £40/session

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Member Organisation(s): BACP

Insurance: Towergate

Therapy Provides:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling

About Dawn Davies MBACP Registered Individual & Couples Counselling & Supervisor

I believe that we can all benefit from counselling at various stages in our lives.
People come to counselling for many different reasons; perhaps dealing with a specific difficulty or loss that you are going through now, or past events that are still impacting on your life today.

Sometimes it can help to confide in friends or family. At other times we may not want to burden them or feel that we can’t be totally honest in case we hurt their feelings or perhaps feel judged by what we share with them.

Counselling offers a unique relationship in a safe confidential environment without judgement to explore and make sense of your life experiences, relationships, or feelings about yourself.

Many of us do not live our lives authentically and being true to ourselves. Instead we adapt to society, family, peer and cultural pressures in order to feel accepted and to ’fit in’. We may also be motivated to get our needs met by others because we do not feel good about ourselves. Through exploration, reflection and understanding we can free ourselves to truly live our lives authentically.

We may grow up with an underlying feeling of ’not being good enough’, or clever enough, or attractive enough or any other ’not enough’. This feeling usually develops in childhood through our relationships with parents, carers or significant people in our lives.

If we are not consciously aware of these deep rooted ’beliefs’, or if we actually believe them to be true we will live our lives in accordance with them. It defines who we believe we are and how we perceive events to ’fit’ with that belief.

Exploration and reflection can help us to identify our deep rooted beliefs and understand how they have impacted on our lives.
This can give us greater clarity and enable us to see perspectives and options that we may not have considered before.
We then have a choice about whether we want to continue the same patterns or consider how we want to make changes in our life and ultimately live in a more positive and authentic way.

In our first session we can discuss your reasons for coming and what you would like to achieve from counselling, we can then talk about how we might work together.

If you decide after the first session I am not the right person to work with you, there is of course no obligation to continue.

My training, work experience and any achievement

Diploma in Counselling
Post Graduate Diploma in CBT
Diploma in Clinical Supervision

Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

My counselling approach is integrative using Humanistic and CBT therapy which means I can work flexibly depending on the unique individual needs of the client.

I have experience of long and short term counselling working with individuals and couples dealing with a wide range of issues including:
anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, bereavement, relationship and family issues.

I have my own private practice situated in a relaxed and tranquil setting.
I also have 3 years experience working in GP surgeries working with clients presenting with a varied range of issues and have worked in a young peoples agency working with teenagers.

In addition to my counselling qualifications I have undertaken numerous Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops and am committed to further training as part of my ongoing personal and professional development.

Further Information

Registered Member of the BACP

I am bound by the BACP’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and subject to the Professional Conduct Procedures.

Skype Counselling

In addition to face to face counselling I also offer sessions by Skype.

This option maybe useful if it is difficult for you to leave the house due to child care or other reasons. It also means that you can fit it in around your busy life style and other home/work responsibilities and commitments.

It also gives you the option to work with a wider range of therapists and not limited by location.

Anyone with an internet connection and a PC or laptop with a webcam can talk face to face from your own home.

I offer an initial free half hour session for potential Skype clients to see whether this way of working might be an option for you.

Please contact me via email or telephone if you would like to discuss this option.

Age I Work With

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Elders


  • English

Other concerns & issues I deal with

    Couples Counselling

    Life can be hectic and stressful and can get in the way of talking to our partner which can lead to poor communication and feeling that there is something wrong with the relationship.

    We can get into habits of relating and only hearing things from our own perspective rather than really trying to understand how it is for the other person.
    Talking to a trained counsellor will give you the time and space to talk freely without judgement or interruption and to allow you both to listen and really ‘hear’ the other person.

    Changing how we listen and communicate with each other can have a really positive effect on our emotional well–being as well as our relationship.

    If our partner has an affair it can leave us feeling angry, upset, betrayed and confused
    and we may feel the only option is to end the relationship.

    Working through those feelings with a counsellor can help both parties to understand and begin to come to terms with why it has happened. This can help you both to make changes in your lives and start to rebuild the trust within your relationship.

Concerns & issues I deal with

  • Abuse
  • Addictions
  • Adolescence
  • Affairs
  • Aggression
  • Agoraphobia
  • Anger Management
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD)
  • Anxiety
  • Assertiveness
  • Avoidant Personality
  • Bereavement
  • Boredom
  • Bullying
  • Career Counselling
  • Childhood Issues
  • Chronic Disease
  • Codependency
  • Compulsive Behaviour
  • Concentration Problems
  • Couple Relationships
  • Criminal Behaviour
  • Cultural Issues
  • Debt
  • Depression
  • Disability
  • Disaster
  • Dissociation
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Abuse
  • Eating Disorders
  • Ethics
  • Exhaustion
  • Family Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Fear
  • Grief
  • Impulsive Behaviour
  • Infertility
  • Inhibitions
  • Integration of Experience
  • Isolation
  • Leadership
  • Low Self Confidence
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Manipulative Behaviour
  • Marriage (Marital Relations)
  • Meaningless
  • Mediation
  • Mens Issues
  • Menopause
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Miscarriage
  • Morality
  • Mothering
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Obsessions
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Pain Management
  • Panic Attacks
  • Panic Disorder
  • Parenting
  • Perfectionism
  • Performance Management
  • Personal Growth
  • Personal Relationships
  • Pet Bereavement
  • Phobias
  • Physical Abuse
  • Post Natal Depression (PND)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Pregnancy
  • Race
  • Rape
  • Redundancy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Relationship Problems
  • Religion
  • Repetitive Negative Patterns
  • Sadness
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Self Determination
  • Self Development
  • Self Harm
  • Separation
  • Sex
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)
  • Shame
  • Shyness
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Social Phobia
  • Spirituality
  • Stress
  • Stress Management
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Terminal Illness
  • Tiredness
  • Trauma
  • Unresolved Issues
  • Weight Loss
  • Work Stress
  • Emotional Abuse

Therapy Provides

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Counselling

Price List

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): £40/session
  • Counselling: £40/session

Special Online Booking Offers

Day time and evening appointments available

£40 per 60 min session

£50 per 60 min session

Clinical Supervision

Student counsellors £25 hour/£37.50 1.5 hours

Qualified counsellors £40 per hour/£60 1.5 hours

Group supervision please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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