Ms. Lee Simmons

Social Art & Therapy

Counselling, Art Therapy, EMDR in London

Member Organisation(s): HCPC

Insurance: Tower gate

Therapy Provides:
Art Therapy, Counselling, EMDR, Psychotherapy

Therapy Provides:
Art Therapy, Counselling, EMDR, Psychotherapy

Studio TW-42
Harrington Way
SE18 5NR

Billing and Insurance


Art Therapy: £65/session

Counselling: £65/session

EMDR: £65/session

Psychotherapy: £65/session

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Member Organisation(s): HCPC

Insurance: Tower gate

Therapy Provides:
Art Therapy, Counselling, EMDR, Psychotherapy

About Social Art & Therapy

Based in Social Art & Therapy studio, Woolwich, I provide individual therapy and run therapeutic groups. The therapeutic methods I use mainly adopt a non-directive approach, with Art Psychotherapy forming my clinical base. I also offer talking therapy in a relaxed and safe environment, and EMDR therapy to address specific blocks or trauma.

My experience also includes social art projects, mentoring and consultancy, and I maintain my own art practice.

Over the last three years I worked in Adult Social Services on a full time post, where as a state registered art psychotherapist (HCPC approved), I provided over 500 therapy sessions across the London Borough of Sutton, working with a range of organisations. I have also worked on shorter term contracts in Beirut, Lebanon in a refugee camp and an addiction centre, and in a London adoption centre, primary school, and the South London and Maudsley NHS.

I am now providing services on a sessional basis to organisations and individuals, working with both adults and children.

Who do I help?

adults who wish to overcome feelings and problems associated with past experiences and trauma
people with difficulties communicating due to disability
people with phobias
children who may be experiencing emotional and/or behavioural difficulties – perhaps as a result of a traumatic event or neglect
professionals who wish to unlock their potential by expressing themselves more freely and expanding on their self-awareness
My approach is to work in partnership with my clients, to devise a programme and to work through difficulties as a shared endeavour. I offer sessions in South East London and I can also arrange other locations across greater London. The first session is to explore whether the approach fits and how best to proceed.

In sessions I include psychoeducation, sharing information about the methods I am using in the therapy, and offering practical information that can be helpful, working transparently and with respect every step of the way.

I am registered with data protection and have a formal confidentiality agreement with all of my clients and colleagues.

My training, work experience and any achievement

I hold a MA in Art Psychotherapy from Goldsmiths, London, and am registered with the British Association of Art Therapists on their list of recommended practitioners, I am listed with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) as a UK based practitioner. I am trained in EMDR therapy (by Sandy Richman) and am a member of EMDR UK & Ireland.

My experience includes working with adults and children, people suffering from addiction, self harm, refugees and migrants, victims of domestic abuse, the elderly and people suffering from mental health difficulties – both in the community and in health care establishments. I also use a combination of EMDR and Art Psychotherapy with people who hoard.I am registered with the British Association of Art Therapists, and on their list of recommended practitioners, and am listed with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) as a UK based practitioner. I am trained in EMDR therapy (by Sandy Richman) and am a member of EMDR UK & Ireland.


Director and therapist, SA&T Ltd. — June 2015 to present
SA&T Limited is a company I formalised in June 2015, having developed the concept since 2011. Art Psychotherapy, counselling, and EMDR sessions are held in an art studio near the Thames Barrier. Work is also carried out at partner organisations, particularly team trainings and group workshops.

Art Psychotherapist and Community Development Worker, Housing and Health, Adult Social Services, London Borough of Sutton — May 2012- May 2015
Here I worked on community centred projects, individual and group work, art psychotherapy, emdr therapy, mentoring, and action based research. Adult mental health, and family work. I set up new initiatives, contributed to existing ones and provided over 500 therapeutic sessions across the borough, working with a range of organisations.
Sutton Mental Health Foundation (charity), and the Jubilee Health Centre (NHS) were two key organisations that I worked with to provide group Art Psychotherapy, individual art and EMDR therapy over three years. Sutton Carers Centre, libraries, and sheltered accommodation for older people, also hosted the projects and therapeutic sessions.
I worked with Community Social Work and Clinical Health Teams on projects, strategy, reports, seminars, had peer supervision with psychologies and took part in monthly team trainings.
Using EMDR and Art Psychotherapy I developed a way of working with people who hoard. Using my art skills I initiated social / public art projects for the wider community, including intergenerational and group work.

Art Psychotherapist - March - May 2012 SA&T Beirut 03/12-05/12 Art Psychotherapist with GKCF pre school in a refugee camp, and SKOUN centre in Beirut, for addicts across Lebanon. I initiated this pilot project with Goldsmiths University Marion Milner award.

Art Psychotherapist, Coram, London 2010-2011 working with children and families individually and in groups, in the centre and a local primary school.

Art Psychotherapist South London and Maudsley NHS, London 2009-2010 working with groups and individuals in the psychosis wards.

Artist Advisor / consultant, South Hill Park, Berkshire, and Turner Contemporary, Kent. Run by Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, 2005 – 2011
As an artist advisor I took part in seminars, ran focus groups, and provided one to one and group feedback sessions for artists and collectives. The scheme was supported by five art organisations in partnership across South East England.

Artist, Lee Simmons, London 2000 to present (includes many partnerships)

Age I Work With

  • Children
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Elders


  • English

Other concerns & issues I deal with

Concerns & issues I deal with

Therapy Provides

  • Art Therapy
  • Counselling
  • EMDR
  • Psychotherapy

Price List

  • Art Therapy: £65/session
  • Counselling: £65/session
  • EMDR: £65/session
  • Psychotherapy: £65/session

Special Online Booking Offers


Project work, trainings, reports, and off site therapeutic work is costed on a case by case basis.

A standard charge is £65 an hour for private one to one therapy, or supervision, at the SA&T studio or over Skype
The student fee is £55 per session, since 2016

Most sessions are 1 hour, but EMDR sessions are recommended to be 90 minutes.

Please telephone or email for more information

Customer Reviews

Siobhan , Wallngton, Sutton, February 25 2016

’I would be happy to tell people about how helpful the EMDR has been and would be more than happy to recommend it and Lee. Plus it has been the only therapy that has worked and I have tried a few.’ (Added to a case study permission form)

Lynda, Belmont, Sutton, February 25 2016

I joined the Art Therapy Group when it first began. I found it to be a safe environment and it had structure. Lee was very supportive and looked upon us as individuals. If you wanted to talk you could and if you wanted to be quiet that was OK too. Each week members of the group showed fellow members and Lee their artwork or poetry and supportive comments were made by them.

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