Colleen Heenan

Colleen Heenan

Alexander Technique in Bradford

Member Organisation(s): Society for Teachers of The Alexander Technique

Insurance: STAT

Therapy Provides:
Alexander Technique

Therapy Provides:
Alexander Technique

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Alexander Technique: £32/session

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Member Organisation(s): Society for Teachers of The Alexander Technique

Insurance: STAT

Therapy Provides:
Alexander Technique

About Colleen Heenan

The Alexander Technique (AT) helps you learn to move more easily and freely. You will use your muscles with greater awareness to prevent harmful habits or stress responses that cause pain and discomfort. Tension release leaves you feeling more relaxed, alert, calmer with more stamina. As aches and pains decrease, you can think clearly and cope more easily with stress.

Alexander Technique ’lessons’ are practical, problem solving and individually focused. In between lessons you ’work on yourself’ improving your ability to independently direct your attention and control your muscles. This ’conscious control’ increases general confidence.

The Alexander Technique works by teaching you how to rebalance the head, the neck and the back. These core bodily support structures influence movement, breath,attention, reactions. Improve performance in a wide range of activities, from athletics, to artistic performance, to the management of pain, illness, disability, injury or just everyday life.

Have a look at my website: for further information.

My training, work experience and any achievement

Colleen trained as an Alexander Technique teacher for 3 years in Leeds, graduating in 1994. She is an accredited member of The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique (MSTAT), and is registered with The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Colleen has been teaching The Alexander Technique in Bradford for almost 20 years.

Colleen’s Story: ’I started having Alexander Technique lessons in the 1980s. I was suffering from back ache and sciatic pain after a skiing accident as a teenager, heavy lifting from nursing plus chronic muscular tension from stress. I had ’pins and needles’ in my face and neck which couldn’t be diagnosed. I was miserable with nagging pain and couldn’t find anything that worked on a long-term basis. Massage helped but I had to keep going back to get relief.

I was impressed by my first Alexander Technique lesson because the teacher showed me how to carry on looking after myself in between lessons. Not only did I quickly get pain relief, I also learned how to release tension myself. I felt better physically as I learned how to look after myself. I felt better psychologically as I was more able to relax. After more lessons I became aware of further benefits, including increased confidence, more poise, a greater ability to control ’bad habits’, and a better ability to face intimidating or anxiety-provoking situations.

I like to cycle, swim, work out in the gym and go hill walking. I continue to find that applying the Alexander Technique makes these activities easier and more pleasurable.’

As well as teaching the Alexander Technique, Colleen was a lecturer in psychology at the University of Bolton from 2001-2010. She also has a psychotherapy practice in Bradford (

Further Information

Some frequently asked questions about The Alexander Technique:


You will find that your posture changes as a result of having Alexander Technique lessons but a lot more happens too! The ’AT’ teacher will guid you you through simple everyday movements (like standing and sitting, walking, bending, lifting). Doing these highlights areas of tension and unhelpful habits. The teacher helps you improve your awareness of how you move, how you hold yourself, and how to release areas of tension. You become more aware of ’habits’ that are working against you and how to prevent this. You will learn to carry out everyday activities with less tension and less effort.

You will also be given individualised ’homework’ and tips to help you maintain what you learn in between lessons. The teacher works with you to help you gain what you need from the Alexander Technique.


Our professional organisation STAT recommends from 10 to 30 lessons. My experience is that the number and frequency of lessons is very much an individual decision depending on your difficulties, your goals, your resources and how much you are able to apply the Alexander Technique in between lessons. Treat it like learning how to drive or learning a language!

Have a look at what some of my ’pupils’ have to say about their experiences.

COST £32 per 45 minute lesson (September 2013)

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you and to arrange an introductory lesson. In some circumstances, I may be able to offer you a reduced fee. Attending a group class is another option.


Although learning the Alexander Technique is most effective in individual lessons, group classes can introduce you to some of the basic techniques. I run small group classes (4-5 people) at Heath Royd Garden Practice.

I run 10 week introductory group classes on Monday evenings 7-8.30pm and Tuesday lunchtimes 11am-12pm, from September 2013 at Shipley College in Saltaire. The class consists of ’directed activities’ which will improve your awareness. The cost is ££40-60. To enrol, ring Shipley College 01274-327327 or email:

Some companies invite Alexander Technique teachers into the workplace (ICI, Clifford Chance, The Guardian, BBC, Chanel, City Lit, Hewlett Packard, Grey Advertising and The British Library have all offered this).

You might also want to invite an Alexander Technique teacher to work with elderly or infirm people in a residential setting, for instance. I have experience of doing this type of teaching.

The Alexander Technique is also taught at music and drama colleges.


There is scientifically based evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique for back pain as well as for symptoms of Parkinsons. I am happy to speak to your General Practitioner about this.


Some insurance companies recognise the value of the Alexander Technique. In order for them to reimburse the costs of lessons, you will need to be referred by a Medical Consultant. I am happy to speak to your Medical Consultant about this.

I hope this answers most of your questions about The Alexander Technique but please contact me for further information.

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  • English

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Concerns & issues I deal with

Therapy Provides

  • Alexander Technique

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  • Alexander Technique: £32/session

Special Online Booking Offers

Come to a small 4 - 6 person ’taster’ class over the summer. 5, 1 hour classes for only £30 will introduce you to the basics of the Alexander Technique.

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