Carole Mabboux

Carole Mabboux

Acupuncture, Reiki, Womens Health in North London

Member Organisation(s): British Acupuncture Council

Insurance: Royal & Sun Alliance

Therapy Provides:
Acupuncture, Reiki, Womens Health, Stress Management

Therapy Provides:
Acupuncture, Reiki, Womens Health, Stress Management

Keats Complementary Practice
18a London Road

Billing and Insurance


Acupuncture: £45.00/session

Reiki: £45.00/session

Womens Health: £45.00/session

Stress Management: £45.00/session

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Member Organisation(s): British Acupuncture Council

Insurance: Royal & Sun Alliance

Therapy Provides:
Acupuncture, Reiki, Womens Health, Stress Management

About Carole Mabboux

“Your First Wealth Is Health” -Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

I am a fully qualified Acupuncturist and Reiki Master and Teacher with many years experience. I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council and listed in the NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners.

My aim is to help you, whatever your condition or symptoms. I am confident that in the majority of cases, I will succeed. However, should I feel that another therapy would be more suited to you, I would be able to refer you to one of my colleague therapists at the Keats.

How Can I Help You with Acupuncture and Reiki?

I use a powerful combination of Acupuncture and Reiki to dramatically increase the effect of the treatment.

“I had suffered back pain on and off for many years and had tried several forms of treatment with varying degrees of success.
Then, two years ago, I visited Carole for the first time and was immediately impressed by the effect of combining Acupuncture with Reiki.
After the first session, my back felt much looser.
By the end of the course of treatment, I could perform movements that I had not been able to do for years and have remained virtually pain free ever since.”
SM – Enfield

Patients will often report a feeling of deep relaxation at the end of a session which makes the treatments highly effective in stress or anxiety induced conditions.

“I had never visited an Acupuncturist before visiting Carole in February 2009.
At the time of my visit I was in an extremely anxious and stressed state. I found Carole to be extremely professional and passionate about her treatment of my symptoms.
About three days after my first visit, my anxiety and stress levels seemed to diminish. My mind was calm and I could think straight! More importantly, I had undisturbed sleep for the first time in over three years.
I have visited Carole many times since for various reasons and have every faith in her and her treatments.” VW - Enfield

Although I have a great deal of experience in treating many different conditions, I am passionate about Women’s Health, particularly fertility issues. For instance Acupuncture and Reiki can dramatically increase the chances of successful IVF treatment, by helping to:

Regulate your menstrual cycle
Balance your hormone levels
Promote ovulation
Increase blood flow to the uterus
Improve the lining of the uterus and the quality of the egg release
Calm the mind

Once you are pregnant, should you wish to, you can still be followed by Acupuncture and Reiki to help you with morning sickness, or any other symptoms you might develop.

Pre-Birth treatments are also highly effective to prepare your body for the birth with the emphasis on preparing your cervix and pelvis for labour and maximizing the chances of experiencing a natural labour.

“Your treatments have definitely made the world of difference as midwives said it was like my second or third child! I am very grateful for all your help” – AL - Enfield

Should your baby be a bit late, Acupuncture can also be helpful in the induction of labour.

How does Acupuncture work?

If you have been under a lot of stress over a long period of time, followed the wrong diet for too long, or experienced a trauma, your body’s equilibrium will be upset. The aim of Acupuncture is to restore your body’s inner balance in order to increase your well being.

How? Very fine needles are inserted in specific trigger points along the Acupuncture meridians. These needles will stimulate your body’s healing response. It does not hurt although the manifestation of this release could be experienced by a slight tingling, a warm feeling or a dull ache.

What about Reiki?

Reiki is Japanese for “Universal Life Energy”.

It is a technique that promotes healing and also reduces stress and induces relaxation. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.
The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit to channel the “life energy” from the universe to the patient.

The Reiki energy flows to the areas of need, supercharging the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Reiki also produces other beneficial effects that include pain relief and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

My training, work experience and any achievement

BSc Honors Degree in Acupuncture
Licenciate Diploma in Acupuncture
Reiki Master and Teacher

Age I Work With

  • Children
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Elders


  • English

Other concerns & issues I deal with

    Some people turn to acupuncture and /or Reiki for help with a specific symptom or condition. Others choose to have treatment to help maintain good health, as a preventive measure, or simply to improve their general sense of wellbeing. Because traditional acupuncture and Reiki aim to treat the whole person rather than specific symptoms in isolation, it can be effective for a wide range of conditions.

    Acupuncture and Reiki are considered suitable for all ages including babies and
    children. It can be used effectively alongside conventional medicine.

    You can get more information on current scientific research into the effectiveness of
    acupuncture by visiting

    If you would like to discuss your specific condition, please do give me a call for a chat with no obligation.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Auricular, Back Pain, Cosmetic, Fertility,

Concerns & issues I deal with

  • Auricular
  • Cosmetic
  • Fertility
  • Back Pain
  • Usui Reiki

Therapy Provides

  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Womens Health
  • Stress Management

Price List

  • Acupuncture: £45.00/session
  • Reiki: £45.00/session
  • Womens Health: £45.00/session
  • Stress Management: £45.00/session

Special Online Booking Offers

Please feel free to give me a call for a chat with no obligation.

You can have a look at my website at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Customer Reviews

Ayla, Llanrwst, March 12 2012

Having suffered a nasty burn which was taking a long time to heal, I approached Carole for Reiki treatment. Although I was fairly ignorant and slightly skeptical about the process, I am delighted with the results. Carole explained how the treatment works and, as she predicted, I felt a slight tingling sensation in my hand as the Reiki was carried out. The pain relief was almost instant and the following day the burn had clearly begun to heal. A week later the skin is so much better, despite my doctor’s prediction of considerable scarring. I am delighted and would certainly recommend Carole to anyone!

Helen, Enfield, May 28 2011

I visited Carole mainly due to 2 reasons: To boost my immune system (I was always ill!) and for stress relief. Carole uses an approach that takes into account the whole body and mind and also looks at lifestyle and how that might be leading to symptoms. I found Carole to be friendly and professional. It’s very clear that she will do everything in her power to help you! I felt a little unsure about going down the path of alternative therapies, but the results speak for themselves. I haven’t been ill since beginning my course with Carole and all the symptoms that go hand in hand with stress are noticeably less and far more manageable. I would definitely recommend a visit!

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