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About Me

As a massage therapist with over 14 years of experience, my aim is to design a unique treatment based on the client’s needs. Sports injuries, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, back problems or knee pain can all be relieved by working on deep tissue muscles and trigger points. I use Chinese Cupping which aids in establishing full functional movement of joints, as well as lymphatic drainage that is good for reducing swelling ’heavy legs’ during pregnancy. It is also good for reducing cellulite around the thighs.

Here are the other services I provide:

  • Hot stone therapy to eliminate toxins and restore balance, and help you achieve deep Relaxation. This treatment is highly recommended for people with insomnia.'Glenis Hot Stone Massage is unique and extremely effective for relieving sore muscles. The warmth from the stones is comforting but also allows her to get deeper into the muscles to loosen up tight areas' (Sue, Kettle Bell Trainer)'
  • Facial Rejuvenation or Natural Facelift Massage without the use of harsh chemicals. Or Complete Facials using only natural L.Earle products with facelift massage.
  • Reflexology treatment including Foot & 1/2 leg Dead Sea Salts Soak & Massage.
  • Aromatherapy Oils & Dead Sea Salt Scrub Massage & Cellulite Detox.

I received training in Asia & UK, and have over 14 years of experience working in London clinics & private business.

I am an ITEC-qualified practitioner with over 14 years of experience in Swedish massage, sports massage, reflexology and Indian Head massage. I also possess additional qualifications in Chinese cupping, manual lymphatic massage, aromatherapy and facial rejuvenation massage, as well as Hopi Ear Candling and Kansa Vaki foot massage, and pregnancy massage.

Maternity massage and facial massage are very relaxing and much needed by 'mums to be'. Listen to tranquil music of the East, smell the scent of exotic lemongrass and feel the heat of Basalt Lava Stones as your body is massaged and toxins are flushed out through the skill of an experienced practitioner.

I only treat women and children.

I also specialise in deep tissue massage using hot stones to open the muscles without too much discomfort. All treatments incorporate lymph drainage to allow the body to detox by speeding up the metabolism and circulatory system and allowing the toxins to move through the lymphatic system for removal from the body.

I do student sport massage as well as baby massage and 'yoga' stretch classes.

Experience and Qualifications:

What therapy do you offer?Deep tissue massage, Hot stone deep tissue massage, Facial rejuvenation, Indian head massage, Reflexology
What are your qualifications?Trained in Thailand at Wat Po traditional massage school and then in Chiang Mai at the International school of Thai massage.
Studied Sport Massage.
Gained qualifications in various massage techniques including; Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Indian Head, Facial Massage, Indian Foot massage, Hot Stone, Hopi Ear Candling and Reflexology.
Who is this therapy for?Massage is for rehab clients with muscular weakness & imbalances, tight muscles & stiffness causing lack in range of movement through the joints and for general well-being & detoxing of the circulatory system and lymphatic system.
Reflexology is for those wanting to relax and balancing /recharge the body’s circulatory system, lymphatic system and stimulate the immune system.
Facial rejuvenation is for those wanting to look and feel younger
What are the main benefits?Massage is for total body cleanse and detox, stimulate circulatory and lymphatic systems, cleanse muscles and helps with complete range of movement through the joints.
Reflexology is used for total relaxation as well as having a powerful and positive effect on the bodies organs and systems.
Facial Rejuvenation stimulates collagen and elastin fibre. It works on the facial tissues and helps clear away bagginess under the eyes and flushes the lymph through the facial muscles down into the clavicle duct.
Most interesting fact about yourself?I spent almost 7 years living in Burma after my Thai training and picked up wonderful techniques from my Indian massage guru.
What’s your mantra in life? What do you live by?Live by being green and looking after life without killing as a Buddhist believes

The six years I spent living in Burma, South East Asia, left such a wonderful imprint on me, it changed my life:-

I lived amongst the diversity of Indian and Chinese Cultures where massage was a way of life, an integral part of Humanity.

The Streets of Rangoon where the bustle of life was full of pungent smells and dynamic energy is where one would catch glimpses of beautiful young girls with their mothers and grandmothers massaging the heads of one another.

Ayurvedic, Indian Head Massage was performed for beauty and for necessity.

In Thailand and all over SE Asia, massage is a part of daily life where mothers massage their babies and children massage their parents and grandparents.

Massage is about goodness, expression of giving and loving. Massage is cleansing the body, soul and mind.

I Studied in Chiang Mai at the Chiang Mai School of Thai Massage under a devout teacher called John. I was so inspired by Thai Massage that I went back to study again at WAT PO School of Thai Massage and Medicine, Bangkok. Both Schools opened my mind to an Eastern approach to massage – a truly HOLISTIC way.

After my studies in Thailand, I returned to Burma to learn from my Indian Massage GURU who was my massage therapist. DiDi taught me a lot of what I practice today. “An open heart and an open mind will always be enriched and satisfied”.

I returned to London and furthered my studies on sports massage, reflexology, Chinese cupping, pregnancy massage, baby massage, sport massage for students, natural facial massage, hot stone massage and many others.

Apart from ITEC and VTCT, I am also a professional member of the following Federations: FHT, IFR, CThA.