Want to Be Happy and Successful? Try Exercising Your Emotional Muscle – Gratitude

Rebecca Lewis July 30, 2019

 Many books have been written about happiness and how to go about finding it. We all know it’s not money, power, or fame. So what is it?

Tired of rainy days? Maybe it’s time that you list down the blessings you’ve got the whole week! Being thankful, which is the main focus of gratitude, is one great way to brighten up your life. Studies show that people who maintain an attitude of gratitude tend to be healthier and happier.

Are you grateful enough?

People who value gratitude are optimistic. They perceive life to be something beautiful and special, despite the fact that there are challenges on the way. This is because they are thankful for what they’ve got and what they’re receiving. They feel blessed about the fruits of their labour and appreciate every single part of it. Because they feel happy, they strive harder to retain the happiness that’s making them feel fulfilled. People with high sense of gratitude are less likely to get depressed, greedy, envious, and indulge in alcoholism.

You can just imagine how people who lack gratitude behave. Even if they’re blessed with a nice career, they don’t appreciate it. For them, achieving success is an unending challenge. And every time they fail, the more they feel discouraged, bitter, hopeless and angry. Therefore, they become unhappy.

How do you exercise gratitude?

A bulk of research suggests that for one to reap the benefits of gratitude, this virtue must be integrated to everyday life and personality, and programmed in the brain. So it’s not enough that you say ‘thank you’. To be happy, you have to mean it!

What could be a better way to improve gratitude is to practise it every day. It’s like a muscle. The more you use it, the better it becomes – the stronger and healthier. So what’s the best way to train your emotional self to become more grateful?

Before sleeping at night, get a pen and a sheet of paper, and write about the events that have made you smile throughout the day. Whether it’s that delicious pasta that your friend shared with you in the office, the movie you watched with your partner, the beautiful flower you saw from your neighbourhood, or the good remark your boss gave you. You’ll be surprised to know that there are many reasons to be happy about.

As you do this, you’re actually programming your brain and exercising your gratitude. You’re giving more focus on the positive side of life and brushing away the negativity. You’ll sure to take this as you sleep and expect to feel more refreshed and revitalised the next day. Once you have incorporated this in your life, you’ll find it easy to cope with even the most difficult situations.