Top Reasons Why Having Girlfriends Is Good for Your Health

Sharon Moore January 07, 2020

 If you have girlfriends, consider yourself one of the luckiest people on earth. Not only that you have a shoulder to cry on when he breaks your heart, someone to put on your makeup, and a true friend who gives you an advice, having girlfriends can help keep your health on the right track too!

Being with girlfriends helps lower down your stress levels – women connect in different ways. They have a strong ability to provide support system that is needed as a person faces difficult situations in life. Women can talk openly about their feelings when they’re with friends which rarely happen in the case of men. Being there with your girlfriends physically benefits you by stimulating your mind to release serotonin, which in turn lowers down your stress.

Having friends promote better health – according to Irene Levine, Ph.D., a professor at NYU Medical School and author of Best Friends Forever, there have been many studies that link good health with friendships. Girlfriends could encourage and influence you in making healthier choices and adopting healthier lifestyles. For instance, in one study, it was found that women who work with a BFF are 45% more likely to exercise than those who workout solo. They even spend 40% more on exercising.

Your friends can save your life – Levine also pointed out that having good friends enhances one’s ability to cope with illnesses. She cited one study (2006 Nurses’ Health Study) that proves the importance of having close friends to women who have breast cancer. It shows that women surrounded by family and friends are more likely to survive breast cancer while those who fight the illness alone are five times more likely to die from it. When you’re with a friend, you won’t feel too much of a loner.

Girlfriends help you discover yourself better – women look to other women to help define their sense of ‘true self’ better, explained Levine. Even during childhood, their attitude is influenced by their moms, aunts, and sisters. But as they meet new friends, they open a new world where they are much more likely to find their unique identity. Through your girlfriends, you are able to know yourself better and find your place in the world.

She knows if you need help – depression and other behavioural problems make us behave in a different way without us knowing it. Your true girlfriend will tell you straight away if you need help, whether it means seeking help from a mental health professional. That’s a bit tough but that only means someone cares for you so much, she always want to see you doing fine.

You’re more open when you’re with your girlfriends – opening up your problems to someone helps you feel better. No one’s going to be more interested to hear your stories than your real girlfriends.

Don’t have girlfriends? Making new friends is good for your health too. New friends allow you to experience new things. Don’t think it’s too late to have close friends. There are many people in the world who sure want to be friends with you.

Cheers to friendship. Cheers to a healthy life!