Top 10 Reasons Why You Want to Shed Some Pounds

Lisa Franchi September 30, 2019

 Have you been trying your best lately to shed some pounds but couldn’t get any result? Maybe you have enough of the willpower and determination, but you’re lacking enough reasons. Well, you shouldn’t have. Other than looking gorgeous, there are many reasons why you may want to work harder on your weight loss endeavour.

Here are some of them:

It makes your life stronger.

Here’s the biggest reason to stay slim – lengthen your life! In a study published in the Lancet journal which involved 900,000 adults, it was found that severe obesity reduces your life’s expectancy rate by 10 years while moderate obesity takes 2 to 4 years off your life.

It makes you more active.

Do you find it hard to finish your daily chores at home? Being overweight takes away your energy. And for every pound you lose, you can actually increase your speed for up to 4 seconds a mile. That’s according to Dr Paul Vanderburgh, an exercise physiologist at the University of Dayton.

It makes you richer.

In a study involving more than 10,000 individuals, it was found that overweight men are 11% less likely to be married while women are 20% less likely to be married. Furthermore, obese women earn less than $6,710 less per year than the average-weight women. The study was published in New England Journal of Medicine. Being slim boosts your confidence, which in turn drives you further to working hard and achieving your career goals.

It brightens up your mood.

Just by looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing that lovely curves and attractive figure, you will instantly feel better.

It increases the chance of pregnancy.

Planning to have a baby? Then you should start burning body fats. According to Meike Uhler, M.D., just a small excess of fats can affect the quality of pregnancy hormones such as progesterone. As this happens, a woman reduces the likelihood of getting pregnant.

It boosts your sex life.

Regular exercise and weight loss are two factors that improve a woman’s sex drive. ‘There’s no lingerie sexier than confidence’, points out Ronette Kolotkin, a professor from the Duke University School of Medicine.

It reduces the risk of diabetes.

Obesity is among the leading risk factors of diabetes. Shedding excess flab by just 5 to 10% reduces your risk by whopping 60%!

It makes you stronger.

Every pound you gain puts nearly 4 pounds of force on your hips, knees, and ankles as you walk. Imagine gaining 10 pounds. That means 40 pounds of pressure in your body. This makes fat people vulnerable to injuries. And the fatter you are, the more it becomes difficult to lose weight because your joints are likely to wear out.

It makes wearing jeans more comfortable and pleasurable.

So you fancy wearing those tight jeans you bought last summer but haven’t had the chance to wear. Wearing jeans enhances your figure. So once you’ve lost some pounds, give yourself a treat by buying a new pair of jeans and look daringly sexy!

It shrinks your fat cells.

By exercising and dieting, you make your fat cells smaller. What does this mean? Well, it means you’re on your way to flatter stomach, thinner waist line, and toned arms and thighs. As your fat cells shrink, you also reduce the risk of developing heart disease.