How to Fight Afternoon Office Blues: 8 Easy Steps

Amy Taylor March 10, 2020

 Do you always find yourself drinking coffee after coffee just to fight off the sleepiness in the office? Do you end up less productive because your mind doesn’t seem to perform well? You’re probably one of those who long to get some nap in the afternoon that without it they get dizzy and all. But this becomes a huge problem when you’re about to do certain projects and you can’t concentrate because you feel so restless and sleepy. Breaking afternoon blues at work is not easy but a few tips will help you avoid it. Try out this 8 energy enhancing strategies and experience being more active and mentally alert for the rest of the day.

1.       Sleep well.

The quality of your sleep plays a major role in your physical and mental alertness the following day. Taking a warm shower before bedtime and making sure your bed is clean and comfortable to lie on will sure to give you a good night sleep. Your room should be sanitised and smelling fresh as well. In a study by the National Sleep Foundation, 71% of those who sleep on sheets with a fresh scent reported to have more comfortable slumber.

2.       Start your day right.

High-fibre, carb-rich meals for breakfast would bring you the most energy you need to retain alertness throughout the day, report a study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. We all have different health requirements so don’t be afraid to experiment on meal combinations that would best fit your health needs.

3.       Choose lighter snacks and meals.

Having a fully-loaded lunch can keep you drowsy and sleepy the moment get back on your desk. It’s okay to munch on some snacks from time to time but keep it light and few. In a study by the University of Sheffield in England, researchers found that consuming fatty foods also contribute to drowsiness. Instead of some fatty burger, have a plate of fresh vegetable salad or a fruit shake.

4.       Distract yourself a bit.

In another study published in the International Journal of Cognitive Science, experts observed that participants who had some little distractions were able to discuss mundane tasks with more vigour. When you feel like your mind isn’t working, stand up and take a walk. Maybe you can go to the restroom and freshen up, or roam around the vicinity of the office. This helps break the monotony and recharge your batteries.

5.       Strength it out.

Are you in the middle of a call? Will your boss not allow you to go out? If walking around is not an option, you can just stretch it out. Stretching stimulates blood flow in your body. According to Lymphoma Research Foundation, a series of stretches and body movements can give you the needed energy boost to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon.

6.       Get some power nap!

There’s nothing wrong with sleeping during midday or in the afternoon. In fact, it even makes your brain more alert and energised, research says. A study published in SLEEP recommends 20 minutes of afternoon power nap.

7.       Say no to sugar.

They say eating some sugary snacks will keep you grooving. But according to the study by the University of Cambridge, protein, not sugar, helps keep your body awake. Get some protein shake while munching on some roasted peanuts instead of soft drink and doughnut.

8.       Stay hydrated.

Keep that bottle of water nearby because even a slight dehydration can significantly affect your mental performance, a study published in the Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine reports. When determining how much water to drink every day, multiply your body weight (kg) by .024. The result should be the number of litres you should be drinking every day.