12 Healthy Late Night Snacks You Will Love

Lisa Franchi November 26, 2019

 If you’re like most students or working professionals, you used to stay awake at night to finish loads of paperwork. Chances are you always reach for chocolate cookies, chips, and a large cup of ice-cream to keep your tummy full and your body awake. This midnight snack habit can make a big punch on your diet and could lead you to massive gain weight.

Well, you can still enjoy your midnight snack without the risk of obesity and other diet-related health problems. Store some of these health snacks at home and enjoy a hearty, delicious meal during late night hours.

1.       Blueberries – berries are fully packed with vitamins and minerals that keep you away from a wide range of disease. Just a cup of blueberries contain 4 grams of fibre and antioxidants. Add a small amount of whipping cream for a more delicious treat.

2.       Strawberry shake – get some fresh strawberries and pour them all in the blender. Add liquid yoghurt and a teaspoon of honey and have a refreshing protein shake. This all-natural snack is also loaded with digestion-enhancing probiotics.

3.       Multigrain pretzels – try munching on pretzels instead of high-calorie chips. A handful of pretzels contain just more than a hundred calories. Pair it with yoghurt for an extra metabolism boost.

4.       Baked Popcorn – skip the butter and cheese. Dust it with lime powder if you want some zesty tang, cayenne pepper for spice, and cinnamon for a sugary flavour. Choose the 100-calorie packs of baked popcorn. You can also air pop your own.

5.       Cheesy meatballs – pizza might be extremely appetising but your calorie intake may go up so fast. You might want to try cheesy meatballs instead. Make it creamier with nutrient-rich tomato sauce.

6.       Greek yoghurt with fresh fruits – can’t say no to cold creams? Instead of ice-cream, try mixed fruits with yogurt. Put it in the fridge and enjoy a luscious late night snack. Greek yoghurt is rich in protein, low in sugar, and make you feel fuller. You can mix it with apples, strawberries, and many other fruits.

7.       Yogurt cubes – bored of the plain soft yoghurt? Try pouring a homemade smoothie into ice cube trays

8.       Dried figs – these candy-like chewy fruits are great late night snack. You can spread some light cheese on them.

9.       Dark chocolate – who says chocolates are bad for you? As long as it’s dark, it’s okay. Choose the chocolates made from at least 70% of cocoa. They are full of antioxidants and contain less sugar.

10.   Cheese quesadilla – choose the healthiest cheeses for your quesadilla treat so you can limit your calorie and fat consumption. Tortillas made from wholegrain are high in fibre.

11.   Wholegrain cracker – have some nutty, grainy crackers while you do your paperwork. This healthy treat is rich in fibre and makes you feel full for a longer time. You can spread light cheese and put some fresh onions or tomatoes, and a slice of lean meat.

12.   Flour-free cookie dough balls – if you love cookies, look for those that are free from flour and eggs. Instead of white flour, you can use almond flour which is extremely healthy and antioxidant enriched, honey in place of sugar, and dark chocolate for flavour.

As you incorporate these health food choices in your daily diet, you’ll manage to stay fit and lean.