Telephone Therapy vs. In-Person Therapy

Monica Wilson September 05, 2018

 Psychotherapy is one of the most common and effective treatments provided to those who are suffering from depression and other mental disorders. The term generally refers to a therapeutic interaction between a trained professional and the client. Aside from meeting face to face, some patients prefer to seek treatment over the telephone. But is this met

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New Study: Fatherly Love is a Critical Factor to a Child’s Personality Development

Rebecca Lewis August 31, 2018

 Father’s Day had already passed months ago, but let’s not forget our overwhelming gratitude for our dads. In a half-century study involving over 10,000 people from around the world, researchers from the University of Connecticut found that a fatherly love contributes as much, and sometimes more, to a child’s personality and develop

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Sharing a Bed With Your Partner Strengthens Your Health and Relationship

Lisa Franchi August 28, 2018

 Research has once proven that married couples are more likely to live healthier, happier, and longer than their unmarried counterparts. But aside from companionship, having children, and growing a family, a group of researchers found another reason for this. According to them, it could be because of sleeping together. Why sleep together? Having som

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Regular Jogging Can Add 6 More Years to Your Life, New Study Reveals

Sharon Moore August 23, 2018

 There are so many forms of physical exercise that are known to help tone muscles and reduce weight. How about a workout routine that can prolong your life? In a new study, researchers found a simple form of exercise which can help you enjoy your life for 6 more years! In the Copenhagen City Heart Study involving 20,000 men and women ages 20 to

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New Study: Mindfulness-Based Therapies Helps Reduce Anxiety and Depression in Cancer Patients

Helen Holmes August 21, 2018

Anxiety and depression are two common conditions experienced by people diagnosed with any type of cancer. When being diagnosed with cancer, people will start thinking about their family, future, and about dying. These things make them feel extremely depressed. The good news is that there’s a way to help reduce anxiety and depression among cancer patien

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Should Alcohol Advertisements Be Banned?

Amy Taylor August 15, 2018

The call for banning alcohol advertisements has reached the Parliament. In the annual conference held by the British Medical Association (BMA), more than 30 leading medical bodies and charities made a resolution that will add more pressure in the government’s plan to reduce the rate of binge-drinking in the country. After the proposal to set a minimum

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Meditation Increases Awareness of Subliminal Messages, New Study Finds

Monica Wilson August 10, 2018

On a new study, a group of researchers from Britain and Netherlands found that meditation opens more pathways in the brain that allow more information to enter and be retrieved. Their findings have been published in the Consciousness and Cognition. What are Subliminal Messages? Subliminal messages are images, words, or sounds that we usually hear and see f

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How Creativity Makes People Happier and Healthier

Rebecca Lewis August 06, 2018

On her interview with Tony Wagner – an Innovation Fellow at the Harvard Technology and Entrepreneur Centre and author of the book "Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World”, Amanda Enayati of CNN reveals how creativity can make people happier and healthier. Creativity and Mental Health Creativity and improv

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Sleep Deprivation Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke

Lisa Franchi August 02, 2018

Many people, particularly teens and adults don’t usually get their 8-hour sleep at night. But habitual lack of sleep can be dangerous and may even increase the risk of stroke, found a new study. Researchers from the University of Alabama found a link between sleep deprivation and stroke by following over 5,000 people for three years. In such span of t

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Easy-to-Follow Tips in Developing Healthy Habits

Sharon Moore August 02, 2018

Busting off unhealthy habits is never easy. Eating unhealthy foods, not having enough exercise, snacking while in front of your computer – these are common habits that many people tend to practise for so many years. Although difficult, changing for the better isn’t impossible. In a new study, researchers from the Northwestern University found bet

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