Early Relationships, Not Academic Achievements, Bring Happiness and Wellbeing in Adults

Monica Wilson February 25, 2020

 In a 32-year study, experts followed the lives of 804 people to look how academic endeavour and social relationship affect one’s happiness in adulthood. Their findings show that it isn’t brainpower, but positive social relationship during childhood makes people happy as they reach maturity. Measuring Happiness in Adulthood A person&rsqu

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Daily Caffeine Consumption Helps Improve Mobility Issues in Parkinson’s, New Study Reveals

Lisa Franchi February 18, 2020

 While caffeine may cause other people some shaking and trembling, a daily dose of it may help those suffering from Parkinson’s disease address their mobility issues. Previous research found caffeine consumption to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s. In a new study however, it was shown that caffeine also helps those who already have t

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New Study: Allergies Linked to Reduced Risk of Brain Tumours

Rebecca Lewis February 11, 2020

 Do you hate it when you inhale even a little amount of dust or when a cat sits beside you? If you think you’re the least fortunate person in the world because you have allergies, think again. Although having allergies can be extremely debilitating for many people, believe it or not, it has benefits too. A new study published in the Journal of the

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Mindful or Mind Full? How Psychology of Possibilities Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Helen Holmes February 03, 2020

 Can we exceed the 20/20 vision? Is there a way that we slim down all the way to our dream weight? In order to achieve our health goals, we need to free our minds from constricting mindsets and limits and bring in tons of possibilities. That’s the idea of Ellen Langer when she introduced the psychology of possibilities. Being mindful has a signifi

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Loving for Health: New Studies Show New Ways to Improve Health and Relationship

Amy Taylor January 13, 2020

Love and relationship are two of the most talked about concepts in psychology but are among those that are least understood. Probably because there are no concrete quantitative measures that will help scientists come up with accurate findings. There’s a growing body of science however that seeks to understand people’s behaviour when in a relation

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Top Reasons Why Having Girlfriends Is Good for Your Health

Sharon Moore January 07, 2020

 If you have girlfriends, consider yourself one of the luckiest people on earth. Not only that you have a shoulder to cry on when he breaks your heart, someone to put on your makeup, and a true friend who gives you an advice, having girlfriends can help keep your health on the right track too! Being with girlfriends helps lower down your stress level

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UK Authorities Concealing Risks of Vaccines to Comply with the Official Vaccine Schedule

Monica Wilson December 11, 2019

 No medicine is hundred percent free from side effects. Even those that are considered ‘generally safe’ aren’t any safer in some cases. The same is true with vaccines. On the official documents obtained from the UK Department of Health (DH) and the  Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), it was revealed that the f

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Ten Ways Stay-At-Home Dads Can Be Happier and More Successful

Lauren Nicholson December 02, 2019

 In recent years, we have witnessed a steep rise in the number of men who are staying at home and managing the household, whether voluntarily or through a sore lack of options. The Office of National Statistics reports that currently, one out of seven or 14% of fathers are now the main provider of child and home care. While this may be a welcome state o

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12 Healthy Late Night Snacks You Will Love

Lisa Franchi November 26, 2019

 If you’re like most students or working professionals, you used to stay awake at night to finish loads of paperwork. Chances are you always reach for chocolate cookies, chips, and a large cup of ice-cream to keep your tummy full and your body awake. This midnight snack habit can make a big punch on your diet and could lead you to massive gain wei

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Seeking Help from a Health Coach May Help You Achieve Weight Loss, New Study Reveals

Rebecca Lewis November 21, 2019

 Most athletes have coaches to help them improve their performance in the field. No football team goes to the court without a coach. In sports, coaching has been proven to contribute to one’s success. Could it be a good way to support weight loss too? Obesity is among the world’s leading health concerns. In the UK, the number of overweigh

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