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As part of our mission to promote healthy therapy, provides consumers and therapist members with latest natural therapy events.Your published events are visible on your profile page. In the event page, we also link back to your profile, and this provides another way for new clients to find you.


Distant Healing Workshop

9 Roseway Wellington Telford Shropshire TF1 1JA

Build on your remote healing practice through new techniques that your Soul is ready to incorporate. You will need to hold a Reiki practitioner, level 2 certificate or spiritual healing qualification, to learn new ways that you are ready to deliver r...


Is Back Pain holding you Back?

Eastcote House Stables Edgware 5 Field End Road Pinner Middlesex HA5 2QS

Do you or someone you know suffer from back pain? Does it affect your work and family life? Do you want to learn ways of taking control and managing better? Then this event is for you. We will be sharing tips and advice from health and we...


A Yoga workshop of Breathwork, Meditation and Yoga Nidra

21 Park Road Bristol England BS16 5LB

When we pay attention to our breath, we are learning how to return to and remain in the present moment, to anchor ourselves in the here and now on purpose without judgement. Yoga Nidra, offers a safe space to explore what you need in the moment as w...


From the Blog

Top 10 Anti-ageing Foods - Stay Full, Look Young

You are what you eat. Our diet greatly affects how we look – from head to toe. If those fine lines, sagging skin, and flabby arms are making you feel sad, maybe it’s time that you make some tweaks in your daily diet. Here are ten of the best foods that won’t just satisfy your stomach but would also make you look younger.


Genetically Enhanced Athletes Will Soon Compete in the Olympics, Experts Suggest

Imagine this. Athletes make use of prosthetic legs that work like real limbs (only that they don’t feel weak like human legs do), skin grafts that increase webbing between fingers and toes to enhance swimming abilities, and the superhuman muscles that don’t sore even after extreme workout. Now, see these people attending the yearly Olympics. If you’re an average athlete, would you still want to join?


10 Ways to Help Your Friend Cope With Divorce

After more than three decades of showing a decline in occurrence, UK divorce rates are now once again on the rise since 2009. In 2010, divorce rates rose to 5%, amounting to 119,589 divorces in England and Wales (Office of National Statistics), and affecting 11.5 people for every 1000 of the married population. With these large numbers involved, everyone is most likely to have a friend or two who are going through a divorce. It would be useful to know how to best help a friend who is going through or has just gone through a messy and painful divorce.


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