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As part of our mission to promote healthy therapy, provides consumers and therapist members with latest natural therapy events.Your published events are visible on your profile page. In the event page, we also link back to your profile, and this provides another way for new clients to find you.


Alexander Technique Introductory Workshop

13 Montgomery Road EDGWARE Middlesex HA8 6NS

Would you like to: Improve your posture? Use less effort and tension? Stay poised and balanced? Breathe and speak more easily? Use your body more naturally? Find out how Alexander Technique can help you. Workshop is limited to four particip...


The Circle of Wisdom

The Island Retreat East House Long Island Schull, Co Cork County Londonderry P81 X802

The Circle of Wisdom is a small gathering of max 6 people held in the magical lands of Long Island (Ireland). A small forgotten island 5 mins from mainland. The purpose of the gathering is to share our inner wisdom with each other in order that we...


EFT Tapping for mums

Hitcham Vale, Parliament Lane Burnham Slough Berkshire SL1 8NT

This is the first meeting of an EFT tapping group for mums. I’m comfortable being in a ’not-knowing space’ with you in the sense that although I have completed Level 1 and 2 (doing Level 3 early June) I haven’t run a tapping group so we can l...


From the Blog

9 Tips to De-stress Your Football-Mad Partner and Your Relationship

While players and football fans gear up for the World Cup, their relationship partners similarly brace themselves for a potentially tough days ahead. Research conducted by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd disclosed that roughly 20% of British couples go through relationship issues during the frenzy of football season. It appears that tension in the field translates to conflict at the home front as well. As the partner of an edgy and excitable football enthusiast, you can do several things to make sure that your relationship thrives during the football season.


It’s Respect, Not Money that Makes People Happier

In four experiments, a group of researchers from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley studied the relationship between various types of status and wellbeing. Their findings show that it isn’t really how much money people have in their bank accounts but the respect they get from others that give them a sense of fulfilment and happiness.


Mental Exercises Help Improve Cognitive Function

Writing your name backwards, hanging your picture at home in reverse, solving a puzzle, brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand, or taking trivia quizzes might improve your memory, concentration, and spatial skills for over the years, according to a new study.


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