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Weight Loss, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Stress Management, Life Coaching

About Jessica Hylands
Hello my name is Jessica. I specialise in confidence as I believe that our level of self-confidence affects everything that we do.

Confidence in ourselves is, in my opinion, the most important thing that we can possess. It gives us clearer minds to be able to make the best decisions; it enables us to move forward into whatever area of life we choose, be that in terms of relationships, work, or fun; it gives us a belief in ourselves that means we can do and achieve anything that we want to in life!

I have helped so many people with all sorts of different issues: phobias, self-doubt, finding a partner, starting a business, coping with divorce, living with step-children, losing weight, public speaking, finding happiness and so the list goes on.

I very much enjoy helping children - my youngest client is seven years old. They can have had a lot of traumatic experiences in their short lives. These may be actual events that were awful for them or a lack of confidence and self-esteem causing them problems on a daily basis. Sometimes this can manifest itself in either being bullied or being a bully - both of which I help deal with.

Very often you may just feel a lack of direction in life. A feeling that you are constantly running but not getting anywhere. This is often because you don’t really know where you want to be heading. Or indeed that you are heading in the wrong direction. I love to help people find their true path in life. This makes for such a happier day-to-day life. You know that you are working towards a goal that is true to you and every day becomes an exciting, invigorating and happy experience!

I want you to wake up each morning with a smile on your face, itching to get out and do what you love to do! That may not seem possible to you now, but it is. I am living proof, because that’s what I do every day!

I also coach people in business and have great success in this. It might be helping people to increase turnover, streamline processes to increase profits, whether they should take on staff or resolve problems with existing staff. Another common issue, particularly with owner managed businesses because you tend to be dealing with everything on your own, is the constant anxiety over what to do about this or that, or whether you are going to make the money that you want or need. It’s a big pressure running your own business and it is invaluable to have the experience and support of a good coach to give you the confidence to achieve whatever you want to with your business. It’s not easy to brainstorm on your own!

I offer face to face sessions, over the phone or on Skype (if you are someone who doesn’t have Skype, I can tell you that it is the easiest thing to set up and use. As a non-techy person, I did it on my own with no help from anyone and, hey presto, it worked first time! So don’t be afraid if it.)

I offer various different packages for sessions. Do call for a free chat and having heard what is it that you’d like help with, I can suggest the package that I think would be most suited to you.

The first step is for us to chat to see whether we click and whether you feel you would like us to work together to create the life that you want and deserve.

It would be great to hear from you.
My training, work experience and any achievement
My qualifications are many and broad-based! See list below....

I have been essentially coaching all my life without it having a name, but I qualified in 2007: Life-coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

I have always been interested in how the mind works and why we do what we do. As I was growing up I read every book that I could lay my hands on in this field.

Having taken various courses, I got invited to a seminar by Christopher Howard (expert in coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy), which I went along to, not really knowing what to expect.


This is what I’d been searching for all my life!

I’ve never looked back. I am now able to help people much more quickly and effectively with the skills I gained through training with Christopher Howard subsequent to that introductory seminar, and other institutions.

I would love to help you overcome whatever barriers you are struggling with, and help you to create your dream life. It is there waiting for, you just need the confidence to take it. I can give you that confidence and we will move at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Do give me a call and we can have a chat to see whether you feel you’d like to work with me.

• Results Coach – Christopher Howard Training
• Master Results Coaching – Christopher Howard Training
* Child Behaviour O.A Diploma
• Successful Speaking Skills – The Public Speaking Company
• Performance Consultant – Christopher Howard Training
• Eriksonian Hypnosis – Christopher Howard Training
• Master Ericksonian Hypnosis – Christopher Howard Training
• Neurological Repatterning – Christopher Howard Training
• Practitioner of Neuro – Linguistic Programming – Christopher Howard Training
• Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming – Christopher Howard Training
• New Insights Life Coach certification – New Insights Life Coaching (High distinction achieved)
• Advanced Neurological Repatterning – Christopher Howard Training
• Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching – The Coaching Academy
• Basic Counselling Skills – ECAT
• Chartered Certified Accountant – ACCA
• Weight Training Instructors Course – NABBA
• Senior Weight Training Instructors Course – NABBA
Concerns & issues I deal with
Relationships, Work, Finding Direction in life, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Loneliness, Personal Growth, Anxiety, Sadness, Assertiveness, Public Speaking, Career Counselling, Redundancy, Shyness, Stress, Debt, Depression, Divorce, Exhaustion, Family Problems, Weight Loss, Exam Nerves, Direction, Couple Relationships, Affairs, Pet Bereavement, Relationship Problems, Repetitive Negative Patterns, Self Determination, Adolescence, Anger Management, Bereavement, Boredom, Bullying, Inhibitions, Leadership, Marriage (Marital Relations), Midlife Crisis, Negative Thoughts, Phobias, Self Development, Separation, Smoking Addiction, Social Phobia, Stress Management, Tiredness, Unresolved Issues, Anger Management, Obsessions & Compulsions, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Stop Smoking.
Age groups I work with


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