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Condition Location Preferred Therapy Time Left Posted
counselling Sunderland
Counselling 5d2h58m 22/03/2018
Helping with relationship difficulties Aberdeen
Counselling 56d7h55m 21/03/2018
Anger management Hunter’s Grove
Counselling 4d3h5m 21/03/2018
chronic fatigue syndrome Timperley
Acupuncture 4d3h3m 21/03/2018
anger problem birr
Complementary Therapy 4d2h18m 21/03/2018
past life regression Eastbourne
Past Life Regression 3d3h1m 20/03/2018
reflexology Rothesay Cres
Reflexology 3d2h59m 20/03/2018
reflexology Merstham
Reflexology 3d2h57m 20/03/2018
panic attack London
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 2d3h47m 19/03/2018
stop smoking Bradford
Counselling 2d3h44m 19/03/2018
weight loss High Ongar
Hypnotherapy 2d3h39m 19/03/2018
Anger management Kingstone Uttoxeter
Counselling 2d3h31m 19/03/2018
carpel tunnel syndrome Lancaster
Acupuncture 2d3h25m 19/03/2018
CBT London
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 2d2h37m 19/03/2018
Weight nail biting low self esteem Bristol
Complementary Therapy 10d9h43m 06/03/2018
Weight nail biting low self esteem Bristol
Complementary Therapy 10d9h21m 06/03/2018
Psychotherapy 18d2h32m 11/02/2018
Pain problem
Alexander Technique 18d0h10m 11/02/2018
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