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  • Brixton Therapy Centre

    Location: Brixton SW9 8EN

    Concerns I deal with: Foot Reflexology, Hand Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology, Back Pain Treatment, Cranial Osteopathy, Fascial Unwinding, Myofascial Release, Paediatric Osteopathy, Posture Management, Spinal Rehabilitation-Neck and Back Injury, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders,

    You can be reassured that you will receive high quality treatment for a range of issues such as; back pain, neck pain, headaches, stress, pregnancy back ache, osteoarthritis, sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, whiplash, tennis elbow, frozen... read more about Brixton Therapy Centre

  • Homeopathy At Home ,

    Location: Wimbledon SW19 5DQ

    Concerns I deal with: Addictions, Adolescence, Anxiety, Aspergers Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism, Chronic Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) (ME), Compulsive Behaviour, Concentration Problems, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders,

    I am a qualified and registered homeopath with a post-graduate diploma in Homeopathic Paediatrics. I trained to be a homeopath when I was blown away by the power of homeopathy when it was prescribed for me and my family. I find nothing more rew... read more about Homeopathy At Home

  • Fairlee Wellbeing Centre

    Location: Wandsworth SW8 3RX

    Concerns I deal with: Ankle Injury Treatment, Back Pain Treatment, Biomechanical assessment, Breathwork, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Dry Needling, Electrotherapy, Ergonomic Assessments and Advice, Exercise Therapy, Myotherapy, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders,

    **Limited time offer - 20% OFF your 1st treatment at the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre!** But you must act fast; this coupon is for the first 31 callers only Appointments must be scheduled by the end of this month Don’t Wait! Mention Coupon Code ... read more about Fairlee Wellbeing Centre

  • Sussex School of Massage Ltd

    Location: London WC2H 9DA

    Age Groups I work with: Adults, Elders,

    Cathy has been a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker more than 20 years and a Holistic Tutor for over 5 years teaching Holistic and Massage courses for GatewayWorkshops who specialise in One Day Workshops for complete beginners as well as Experienced T... read more about Sussex School of Massage Ltd

  • Daska Hatton

    Location: London W1G 9HT

    Concerns I deal with: Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Dissociation, Exhaustion, Fear, Grief, Headaches, Hysteria, Meaningless, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Teens, Adults,

    Do you suffer from insomnia, digestive disorders, hypersensitivity, panic attacks? Are you tired of feeling exhausted, rundown, and tense all the time? These are all part of the physical effects of stress. Stress in itself is not necessarily... read more about Daska Hatton

  • Fiona Smith

    Location: London W2 6ET

    Concerns I deal with: Abuse, Addictions, Anxiety, Bisexual Issues, Childhood Issues, Chronic Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) (ME), Depression, Dissociation, Domestic Violence, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders,

    Fiona Smith holds a diploma in Craniosacral Biodynamics and qualified as a practitioner of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with the Karuna Institute. ( She is a registered, and insured, member of the Craniosacral Therapy... read more about Fiona Smith

  • Jenny Howell

    Location: London NW3 2ST

    Concerns I deal with: Biomechanical assessment, Ergonomic Assessments and Advice, Exercise Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Peripheral Joint Manipulation, Physical Therapy, Pregnancy Related Disorders, Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment, Spinal Manipulation, STT-Soft Tissue Therapy, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders,

    I retrained as an osteopath after the birth of my second son. I had become convinced of the benefits of cranial osteopathy after seeing good results following treatment on my son for glue ear and asthma. I have worked in many clinics and in the last... read more about Jenny Howell

  • Physical Wisdom

    Location: London N3 2DD

    Concerns I deal with: Anxiety, Stress, Anxiety, Stress, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders,

    For a long time my love of life was a secret. I was shy to speak up or live it fully. I am now glad and grateful to be happy and ready to offer myself as a resource in service to others as a therapist. I offer my personal maturity, instinctual knowin... read more about Physical Wisdom

  • Gladwell Massage ,

    Location: Watford WD23 2AQ

    Concerns I deal with: Ankle Injury Treatment, Back Pain Treatment, Breathwork, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Lymphoedema Treatment, MLD-Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myotherapy, Physical Therapy, Posture Management, Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders,

    There may be healthier and more natural solutions to address your specific issues other than drugs or surgery. Daniel Gladwell is a fully qualified massage therapist who has been practising for 14 years. He specializes in therapeutic ma... read more about Gladwell Massage

  • Body Therapeutics

    Location: - W1U 4SA

    Concerns I deal with: Fatigue, Rape, Stress, Fertility, Stress, Back Pain, ...more conditions

    Body Therapeutics is an integrated medical practice in central London where we combine acupuncture and complementary therapies with orthodox medicine. We have experience and particular interest in the treatment of several common conditions including ... read more about Body Therapeutics

  • Suzanne_H

    Location: London W1G 7LE

    Concerns I deal with: Bereavement, Fear, Headaches, Phobias, Pregnancy, Trauma, Fertility, Fear of Flying, Phobias, Stop Smoking, ...more conditions

    * Low back pain including low back pain in pregnancy and after birth * Sciatica (pain down the back of the leg) * Cervical Syndrome (neck pain) * Whiplash injury (neck pain following car accident) * Brachial Plexus Syndrome (p... read more about Suzanne_H

  • Bakclinic

    Location: Teddington TW11 8UE

    Concerns I deal with: Anxiety, Disorder, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Fertility, Anxiety, Depression, Back Pain, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders,

    My area of expertise is musculoskeletal Diagnosis and Treatment; Treating over 1,000 Herniated Disc Patients. I have been in Practice since 1988 with 2 clinics in Italy and 1 in London. My passion has grown in the last 24 yrs and I have developed ... read more about Bakclinic

  • Hemi Clinton

    Location: - N7 8PU

    I practice and teach Kinesiology, Reiki and classical feng shui. I also have a nutrition and diet clinic. Kinesiology is a great healing tool, which works on all levels; emotioanal, structural, nutritional and enegentic systems. It is one of the... read more about Hemi Clinton

  • prahlad ilex galbiati

    Location: London N8 0HX

    Concerns I deal with: Trauma, ...more conditions

    Prahlad has 12 years experience as a therapist with qualifications in both Craniosacral Therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and deepens his formation with the latest advanced trainings. His expertise is in pre and perinatal therapy, trauma r... read more about prahlad ilex galbiati

  • Sanjo

    Location: Buckhurst Hill IG9 5BD

    Concerns I deal with: Disorder, Depression, Stress, Trauma, Depression, Insomnia, Stress, ...more conditions

    Back Problems,Whiplash Injuries,Sinusitis,Stress,Post Traumatic Stress,Insomnia, Asthma,Skin Disorders,I.B.S.Depression,Menopausal/Hormonal Problems,Arthritis/ Joint Pain. read more about Sanjo

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