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  • Samuel Jones

    Location: Ludlow SY8 2PQ

    Concerns I deal with: Depression, Fertility, Depression, Back Pain, ...more conditions

    Age Groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders

    I am enthusiastic about my work and like to deliver the best service to all my clients. I feel therapy should be reasonably priced and not rushed. I am an attentive practitioner - I am easy to talk to about any matter and I observe strict codes of c... read more about Samuel Jones

  • Samuel

    Location: Ludlow SY8 2PQ

    Concerns I deal with: Addictions, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Infertility, Rehabilitation, Stress, Fertility, Depression, Stress, ...more conditions

    What is sports massage and what are the benefits? Sports massage is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is widely used and is beneficial for all people sufferin... read more about Samuel

  • sean vaughan

    Location: - ST5 0PN

    Concerns I deal with: Fatigue, Stress, Fertility, Stress, Back Pain, ...more conditions

    An experienced therapist offering a unique blend of complementary therapies & traditional Chinese medicine to treat musculo skeletal pain & injuries including back neck & shoulder, sports injuries, Digestive, respiratory & sinus conditions, sleep, re... read more about sean vaughan

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